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Boost Confidence with Back to School Style

Boost Confidence with Back to School Style

Are you ready for back to school? 

It’s that rare time of year in which your kid’s backpack looks pristine and their lunch box can easily be found. The days are coming in which said backpack will have a questionable ink stain on the bottom and twisted straps. Your kid’s lunch box will go missing each morning around 7am—possibly because they hope you’ll rescue them with a mid-day Chickfila delivery.

While new cute backpacks and lunch bags are essential for the start of a new school year, so are back to school outfits, back to school reusable snack bags, and back to school confidence. 

When we were younger, we learned the value of a great first impression. 

By choosing cute backpacks and cool back to school clothes for your kids, you’re setting them up for success that spans the entire school year. It’s the bounce in their step, the sparkle in their eye, the outgoing “hi” in first period—all easier to access when they feel like they look amazing.

Your kids will put their best foot forward with a little help from the back to school shoes (Milo Boots & Mary Janes recommended) they love and a backpack that fields too many compliments to pack into it. Empowering them to pick out the sustainably-sourced outfits and back to school gear that jumps out at them is a fantastic way to send them into their best school year yet. 


Back to School Shoes


Milo Boot // Scalloped Mary Jane // Miriam T-Strap // Willie High Top 


We’ve compiled the back to school essentials that we consider A+ confidence boosts. Grab your kids and look through these fun options or surprise them with the picks you know they’ll love. 

*Already started back to school? It’s not too late to give your kids a pep talk through eco-conscious school backpacks and lunch bags! What a fun pick-me-up to receive after a tiring first week or two. Snag their new favorite school outfit today to support your little learner. 

Backpacks for School

Did you know it’s cool to be kind to the earth for our kiddos? Several of us discovered this truth well into adulthood, but the next generation is starting from an eco-conscious mindset. BTW, it’s also cool to customize. 

These durable poly canvas backpacks with adjustable padded shoulder straps offer the best of both worlds! Pick out six patches to customize your school bag. It’s fun and functional—no more wondering which unicorn backpack belongs to your daughter. With a range of color pops and patches, you’ll create a personality-infused school backpack. 


Custom Backpacks

 Pop Colorblock Customizable Backpack // Groovy Check Customizable Backpack // Blue Camo Customizable Backpack


For a more classic look, go with Fluf’s organic durable B Pack, made with 100% certified organic cotton canvas. It features a 15’” laptop pocket so your high schoolers (or your kindergarteners—it is 2023) can keep their computer close-by. Fluf checks all the boxes when it comes to backpacks for teens with their socially responsible, minimal aesthetic bag. 


Classic Backpacks


Yellow B Pack // Mid Blue B Pack // Smoke Grey B Pack


Finally, these attention-grabbing school bags by State Bags are what my daughter’s dreams are made of. State Bags offers, purples, pinks, sparkles, hearts, animal print, metallics… If Mattel and Lisa Frank had a baby, it would be delivered in one of these bags. If you’re looking to become mom of the year, buy your girly girl one of these beauties. *Certain prints are available in various sizes—select the one that best fits your child! 


Attention Backpack


Hot Pink Kane Kids // Painterly Animal Kane Kids // Silver Kane Kids


Back to School Lunch Bags

Lunch bags for school are a very important element—made more important when you just can’t get over how adorable they are. That’s how I feel about these NEW zipper lunch bags from Fluf. There’s something about this kids’ lunch bag that says she’s off to a meeting with the C-suite at lunch and a blowout after gym. It’s absurd to carry something this cute and iconic for a lunch bag. I work from home, and I want to start carrying my lunch in one of these lunch bags.


Lunch Bags


Love Zipper Lunch Bag // Oranges Zipper Lunch Bag // Apples Zipper Lunch Bag


Reusable Snack Bags

Your most sustainable purchase for the entire back to school season is this reusable snack bag. These Flip Snack Bags by Fluf can be used HUNDREDS of times! That’s hundreds of plastic baggies per snack bag you’re keeping from the ocean or a landfill. They’re safe and non-toxic and fully machine washable. By choosing reusable snack bags, you can send your kid with a litterless lunch. You’ll want to grab a sandwich size reusable snack bag as well as a couple of snack size ones. If your child takes their lunch every day, it’s a good idea to get duplicates so that you can toss all of the snack bags in the wash along with their school uniforms or extracurricular outfits as needed. 


Reusable Snack Bags


Blue Bread Zip Snack Sack // Flip Snack Sack // Tomatoes Flip Snack Bag


Back to School Sales on Kids’ Clothing

My mom was a bargain back to school shopper. She almost never purchased an item at full price. I’m not her carbon copy—I like to do a lot of new arrival shopping and sprinkle in some back to school sales when they’re worth it. These, my friend, are worth it. You’ll find Rylee & Cru on sale for your little athletes, graphic tees to pair with patterned bottoms, and smart skirts and pants for the top of the class. Enough talk about the back to school sale: go add your organic fabrics to cart before another parent gets there first.


Sale Kids Clothing


Magic Is In You Tee // Ventura Short // Jenny Skirt


Big Feelings about Back to School 

Before your little one embarks on a new adventure such as a new classroom, different teacher, or very first time at school, they may have a case of the butterflies. It’s a common feeling to be nervous about trying new things, and the experts at Slumberkins encourage kids to embrace their emotions while practicing new routines. The Harvest Sloth Kin Back to School Bundle | Routines includes a book called “Sloth’s First Day of School,” sloth stuffie, and affirmation card. Help ease your little one’s anxiety while building up their confidence with this back to school bundle, and keep the momentum rolling with the lunchbox love notes. The love notes are a tangible way for mamas and daddies to connect with their child midway through the school day even if they can’t be there in-person. Remind them who they are, and that you’ve got their back with a lunchbox love note.


Big Feelings


Harvest Sloth Kin Back to School Bundle | Routines // Lunchbox Love Notes


We at Bohemian Mama wish you a wonderful back to school experience. Whether you’re a working mom, stay-at-home mom, homeschooling mom, or any-other-adjective mom, we congratulate you on a full summer of parenting and the fresh start of this school year. 

Celebrate yourself for the job you’ve done taking care of your children with a self-care gesture: Book a massage, go for a walk, take a nap, eat some chips & salsa… Just take a moment to show gratitude to yourself. 


The Bohemian Mama Team