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Boost Confidence with Back to School Style

Boost Confidence with Back to School Style

Are you ready for back to school? It’s that rare time of year in which your kid’s backpack looks pristine and their lunch box can easily be found. The days are coming in which said backpack will have a questionable ink stain on the bottom and twisted straps. Your kid’s lunch box will go missing each morning around 7am—possibly because they hope you’ll rescue them with a mid-day Chickfila delivery.

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Classic Summer Activities for Kids

Classic Summer Activities for Kids

I never went to summer camp. It feels good to get that off my chest. Some of my friends were repeat summer campers. They would come back from two weeks of camp with braided friendship bracelets, swimsuit tan lines, and cafeteria chants. They were annoyingly upbeat. Personally, I learned about summer camp the old fashioned way: By watching The Parent Trap

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Create Your Own Backyard Oasis

Create Your Own Backyard Oasis

Create Your Own Backyard Oasis What does the term “oasis” mean to you? For me, it evokes cool water, lush greenery, and respite from the heat. When I hear “oasis,” I’m thirsty for its possibilities. Similarly, a backyard oasis draws me in with promises of peace, wellness, and rest—all available at the turn of a doorknob. If you’re ready to tap into the refreshing vibes of a natural spring without a plane ride or a roadtrip, then these backyard oasis ideas are for you. 

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Little Moments, Big Memories

Little Moments, Big Memories

Hannah Briggs of Thistle Harvest is an interior stylist, DIY extraordinaire and mama of sweet Colette has transformed the house that her husband grew up in into a cozy home for her family. She has now used her magic touch to turn the  PlanToys Victorian Dollhouse into a whimsical cottage for her daughter Colette's Maileg mouse family!

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How to go eco-friendly this Easter

How to go eco-friendly this Easter

Celebrating Easter feels like the official kick-off to Spring — and there is no better way to honor our planet than to make this Easter an eco-friendly one. We’ve gathered up some of our favorite eco-friendly alternatives to keep this holiday safe for the environment and fun for the kids!


Bohemian Mama Littles Dollie & Me Spring 2022 Collection


Upgrade your basket

The Easter basket is an essential part of celebrating Easter. Luckily, there are a handful of ways to swap out plastic basics for environmentally friendly must-haves when creating your easter basket — starting with the basket itself! We know how easy it is to last-minute purchase a cheap plastic easter basket at the dollar store or Target. So convenient but so crumby for our planet. 

Instead, consider planning ahead and purchasing an all-natural basket that you can reuse year after year. Any Easter basket that can double as a toy or decor after the holiday is a win in our book! Check out our Bohemian Mama exclusive Bunny Ears Organic Cotton Bag, as a part of our Playtime Deluxe Bundle, and also includes our Organic Cotton Bunny Puppet, Eggcellent Crew Neck Long Sleeve Organic Cotton Shirt, and a matching outfit for Dollie — now you’re Easter shopping is just about done! 

Fill it full of fun

Now that you have your eco-friendly basket, we need to fill it! Traditionally, (especially if you're a child of the 80s) Easter baskets have been filled with plastic ‘grass’ to add some filler. This junk is an environmentalist’s worst enemy. It doesn’t recycle easily and often sits in a landfill forever — or it becomes a hazard to an animal, like a bird trying to build a nest. 0/10, we do not recommend plastic Easter grass. So, what can you use instead? Tissue paper, colorful cloth napkins, or a shredded grass alternative made from recycled paper, wood, or plants are great options that are much more environmentally friendly.

The grass isn’t the only plastic that ends up in Easter baskets. Ditch the department store dollar aisle toys that won’t last the season for a gift they’ll never forget — like our exclusive Bohemian Mama Littles Dollie & Me Bundle, which includes our Littles Organic Lounge Dress in Sage with a matching outfit for their Dollie. For the littlest littles, fill their basket with quality, organic gifts they will love (and you will too!) We love this Mushie Lion Teether, made from 100% non-toxic, food-grade silicone.

Bohemian Mama Littles Spring 2022 Collection


Egg-ceptional Easter eggs

Of course, it wouldn’t be Easter without the eggs! Dyeing eggs is a family favorite activity in preparation for Easter. Choose sustainably sourced eggs in recyclable packaging for minimal environmental impact. When it comes to dyeing Easter eggs beautiful colors for decoration, opt out of the store-bought kits and search natural egg dyes recipes online! Purple cabbage, red and yellow onion skins, and shredded beets are just a few of the foods you can use to take a more natural approach to coloring Easter eggs. 

Once your eggs are dyed (and eaten) — you can add the naturally colored eggshells to compost or soil! Eggshells add necessary calcium for plants to build cell walls. Eggshells can even be used as a pest deterrent in your garden. We love gardening with kids, it’s a fun way to give them a sense of purpose and responsibility — plus who doesn’t love getting dirty! Use your leftover cardboard egg carton from Easter to start an herb garden with your little. If your little is one of those kids who doesn’t like to get dirty, they can pretend with this fun Garden Wheelbarrow Set — while you put those eggshells to use.


Bohemian Mama Home - Easter 2022 Spring Collection


Last but not least, treat yourself

Children look forward to Easter for the bunny, the treats, and the basket. Adults? We’re thrilled to ditch our Winter decor for Spring! Having a more sustainable holiday starts at home – and we have the bundles to kick-start your Spring decor swap. Hop on over to our Brunch Bundles, which include a decorative block and tea towel in classic and colorful designs. Can’t choose just one? Our Brunch Deluxe Bundle includes two delightful designs. 

The opportunities truly are endless when it comes to making Easter (or any holiday) more eco-friendly — and your kid will thank you for it! Small steps today can make a big impact on our planet later. Want more? Shop our Easter Collection for even more eco-friendly Easter ideas, featuring outfits, toys, decor & more! 

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Kids Fashion Trends: What's Hot This Summer?

Kids Fashion Trends: What's Hot This Summer?

From poolside to ocean side, make sure your kids are sporting the most fashionable gear this summer! Summer is rolling in, as is our anticipation to dress our littles in the freshest summer styles that won’t leave them feeling stuffy or uncomfortable. Read on for inspo that will have your littles looking and feeling cool!

Floral Print

Girly, sophisticated, and fun to match, floral print is a delightful way to celebrate the season. Welcome summer in with a colorful flower pattern, as seen on the Camilla Skirt by Bohemian Mama. 

Another floral piece we love is the Bloom Midi Skirt by Harlow Jade, below. Whether she’s blowing bubbles or chasing butterflies, she’ll be comfortable and covered in these vibrant skirts.

Animal Print

Animal prints in children’s fashion have spiked in popularity over the last couple seasons. Leopard print, especially, has made its presence with its mature yet playful feel – the perfect balance for your mini fashionista. Despite preconceived notions, animal prints can be versatile. Take a chance with the Wild Things Dress by Bohemian Mama!

Or, tone it down with the Leopard Camilla Skirt, also a fantastic piece by Bohemian Mama. With this skirt, your little one can still express their wild side while coupled with either a solid or graphic top, as pictured above.


Youthful and fun, statement and graphic tees are cute on any boy or girl – not to mention, they are appropriate for most casual settings from the backyard bbq’s to theme parks. Get your hands on some bold graphics to match your child’s personality. Then, all you would have to do is throw on jeans or shorts to complete your little’s look. You can’t go wrong with the Big Sister Tee and the Best Big Bro Muscle Tee by Chaser Kids!

Paper Straw Hats

If your little one doesn’t already have a hat of his or her own, what are you waiting for? Not only do they make adorable accessories, adding extra flair to any outfit, but they help protect your child’s face from the sun. Alongside sunscreen, paper straw hats are the way to go. Shield against the summer rays with the Cowboy Sunhat or Tassel Cowgirl Sunhat by Snapper Rock!


On-trend mamas know that tassels are in this summer! They’re festive and fancy. What’s not to love about tassels? They make any piece chic and summer-y. Watch them swing while she plays! Pair her smile with the Serena Dress, left, or the Kate Dress by Mer St. Barth, right.

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