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Best Halloween Costumes for Kids 2023 (& Spooky T-Shirts for Women)

Best Halloween Costumes for Kids 2023 (& Spooky T-Shirts for Women)

Hold my PSL. It’s spooky season!

It’s time for kids’ Halloween costumes, Halloween house decor, and Halloween clothes for women. Individually wrapped candies don’t count as calories for the next couple of months, and apples are inedible unless dipped in caramel. 

The inside of the house should carry a cinnamon scent at all times. Outdoors must maintain a brisk, around-the-fire-pit sensation and the Sanderson sisters are an acceptable icebreaker for every social engagement. Also acceptable: Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

You can now begin daydreaming about DIY Halloween costumes for kids. Then, I ask you to recall last year’s rush to buy a last-minute Paw Patrol costume for toddlers or a witch costume for girls and feel free to disregard that train of thought immediately. 

This Hallow’s Eve, you can either be prepared, realistic, or both by shopping the Great Pretenders costumes for kids and Meri Meri Halloween decorations for parties and home in advance. In this post, you’ll find responsibly sourced costumes for kids like Harry Potter wizard capes, ballerina tutus, princess costumes, unicorn costumes, and more. 

And great news: these costumes for girls and boys check all the boxes for aesthetically-inspired instagram moms (all of us?) and kids who are drawn to licensed characters like Snow White, Batman, Spiderman, and Cinderella. How do they do that? 

These kids’ Halloween costumes are:

  • - Over-the-top gorgeous
  • - Made from quality fabrics
  • - Uniquely suited for longterm play
  • - Creatively positioned to encourage pretend play and imagination
  • - Different from the Amazon and Target costumes other kids on the block are wearing

You’ll be able to keep an easy eye on your girls and boys as they flutter around in their butterfly wings, dragon capes, or blue bird feathers. And you’ll pack your smartphone full of trick-or-treat memories that will last a lifetime.

Join the fun with your own Halloween costume or grab a few spooky graphic tees for women. 

Decorate the house with unique Halloween decor such as felt pumpkins and silly signs starting in early September to enjoy the magic for as long as you and your enchanting littles want to keep things creepy-crawly. 

This season can be as playful or as spooky as you want it to be. Just make sure to lean into the magic before it vanishes—we won’t be in October orbit for another full year. 

Best Kids’ Costumes for Halloween 2023

The most magical part of Halloween is seeing your children transported into a fairytale land by their Halloween costumes. Will they slay a dragon? Cast a spell to save the city? Join the circus? Attend a royal ball? To make kids’ costume shopping a bit easier—and more fun—we’ve split the costumes into categories below. Bear in mind each of our costumes is made from quality fabric, so you don’t have to worry about them ripping before you get to the trunk-or-treat situation. These costumes for kids including princess costumes, witch costumes, wizard costumes, dragon costumes, and more will remain their favorite dress-up clothes well after empty candy wrappers have littered the town square.


Princess Costumes for Kids

Princess Costumes

Boutique Belle Gown // Cinderella Costume for Kids // Boutique Sleeping Cutie Gown // Snow White Princess Dress for Kids


Magical Costumes for Kids

Magical Costumes

 Sparkly Rainbow Fairy Costume // Dragon Costume for Girls // Dragon Costume for Boys // Unicorn Costume for Kids


Animal Costumes for Kids Animal Costumes

Lion Costume // Blue Bird Costume // Flamingo Costume // Owl Costume


Witch & Wizard Costumes for Kids

Witch Costumes

Wizard Costume for Kids // Wizard Cloak & Glasses Costume for Kids // Velvet Witch Cape & Wand Costume // Wizard Costume for Kids, Pink


Career Costumes for Kids

Career Costumes

Scientist Costume for Kids // Firefighter Costume for Kids // Pilot Costume for Kids // Doctor Costume for Kids


Pirate Costumes for Kids & Mermaid Costumes for Kids

Pirate Costumes

 Meri Meri Pirate Costume for Kids // Pink Mermaid Skirt for Girls // Mermaid Costume // Pirate Costume Vest for Kids


Super Hero Costumes for Kids

Super Hero

Spider Bat Reversible Cape & Mask Costume // Superhero Costume for Kids // Super-Duper Tutu Costume for Kids // Bat Cape Costume


Unique Halloween Costumes for Kids

Unique Costumes

 Wild West Halloween Costume for Kids // Baby Dino Triceratops Kids’ Costume // Veterinarian Scrubs Costume for Kids // Frida the Artist Costume for Kids


Shop All Halloween Costumes for Kids


Halloween Graphic Tees, Party Decorations & Pumpkin PJs

Halloween T-Shirts for Women

Halloween graphic tees are the easiest way to up the ante on fall fun. You can pair them with jeans, shorts, maxi skirts, or even toss them over a form-fitting dress to make any occasion festive. My favorite Halloween t-shirts are the ones that reveal a little bit about your personality so that the other space cowgirls or bad witches can see and appreciate your specific brand of spice. Here are a few of the best Halloween t-shirts for moms and friends. 


Womens Tee

 Spooky Season Halloween T-Shirt //  Bad Witch Halloween Sweatshirt // Get In Loser Halloween T-Shirt // No Diggity Halloween Raglan


Unique Halloween Decor for Home

There’s nothing cuter than seeing your little monster fast asleep on a festive Halloween pillow with a smiley vampire as Halloween decor. I’m confident our Halloween decor options get better and better every year, including spooky signs, felt pumpkins, sherpa pumpkins—in leopard print!—Halloween banners, and ghost pillow covers. When I was a kid, my mom used a spider web fabric tablecloth year after year, and the thought of it gets me nostalgic for hot dog roasts and sticky caramel candies. Imagine the memories your kids will enjoy as they see you hang an Imani Collective banner up every year or place a Harvest Moon sign on the mantle each September (spooky season opening, as we like to call it).


Halloween Decor


Pumpkin Pajamas for Babies & Toddlers

You are not ready for this trip to the organic pumpkin patch. With 2-way zip rompers for infants to 24-month-olds and organic matching sets for 12 months to 5 years, your little ghoul gang will master the runway (also known as your front porch) this fall. Take a moment now to envision holding your PUMPKIN clad little PUMPKIN on your hip while sipping a PUMPKIN spice latte. That, my friends, is self-actualization. Take a peek at a few of the pumpkin pajamas and jack-o-lantern matching sets below and then shop the full line.


Halloween Pajamas

 Halloween Cluster Pajamas for Babies // Pink Pumpkin Patch Pajamas // Pumpkin Patch Pajamas in Blue // Jack-O-Lantern Pajama Set for Kids


Cute Halloween Party Decorations

Whether your Halloween party is skeleton chic or spooky-scary, you’ll find the best Halloween party decorations here. Meri Meri knocks it out of the park every single time, and these vintage giant skeletons and honeycomb witch hat decorations are no exception. Crown yourself the queen of Halloween decor by selecting cute bat garlands, giant spider balloons, and Halloween balloon garlands (Seriously, who gave them the right to make creepy so avant-garde?) for your next big Halloween party. Go ahead and celebrate all the spooky things! Also: let’s take a moment to appreciate the wizarding world of your living room with these adorable Honeycomb owl Halloween decorations!


Party Decor

Bat Garland Halloween Decoration // Black & Orange Stripe Honeycomb Garland // Vintage Giant Skeleton Halloween Decor // Eyeball Balloon Garland


Halloween Tips & Tricks for Moms

The more we mom, the more we realize we want to make the most of every opportunity for special memories with our kids and loved ones. This year, prompt delightful squeals with the kids’ costumes, Halloween tees, and Halloween decorations that turn the holiday up to level 100. It’s the little, spooky things that make it magical.