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Summer Date Ideas & (More Importantly) Summer Date Night Outfits

Summer Date Ideas & (More Importantly) Summer Date Night Outfits

Let’s face it, friends. Summer date nights bring a world of hurdles with them. 

How is it possible to look hot when your makeup is melting off your face like an ice cream treat in a sauna?

I live in Texas, and in Texas, we have frizzy hair (due to the humidity), chafing thighs (due to sweat), and high blood pressure (that might be due to my in-laws). 

*Realtime proof: I just slid off of a barstool at a wine bar and there’s an embarrassing puddle of sweat to show for it.

We are not hankering—to use some southern slang—for a “hot” date with our partners. 

We want something cool. Cold. Frigid. 

But I’m not naïve to the types of summers several of you enjoy further north. 

Your summers are patio lunches and mountain picnics. Edison bulbs strung across outdoor spaces and board games. Beer gardens and corn hole. 

And then there’s the beach bunch. With your boardwalks and your kayaks and your sunsets that even Pantone can’t compete with. You are the blondes of climate zones. 

There is one things that brings all of us together, though: the quest for the perfect summer date night.

And that’s where we come in. 

Below you’ll find summer date night ideas and summer date night outfits. These have been vetted by our very best to make sure you’re wearing the cutest summer outfits for your fun nights out. Consider our suggestions a BINGO card to mark through, or pick one, book the sitter, and get out of the house with your partner for a fun-filled summer night.

Summer Date Ideas: Barbie Movie Date Night

It was my husband’s idea for us to schedule a night to the new Barbie movie. We both love Ryan Gosling, and the trailer looks incredible. Honestly, I would have gone for the fashion, alone, but I think we’re in for a thrilling ride through Malibu with Barbie and Barbie and Barbie and Barbie and Ken and Ken and Ken, etc. I may not have a dream closet of my own, but if I did, these summer date night outfits would absolutely be in it. Which one will you wear to Greta Gerwig’s Barbie film?


 Barbie Movie


Duncan Halter Dress // Elle Tank & Skirt // Easy Street Crop Pullover // Penelope Mini Dress  // Monet Top & Delilah Pants // Juno Heeled Sandal


Summer Date Ideas: Patio Picnic

No patio is off-limits here. Drop in on a restaurant you’ve been eyeing, pop into a new wine bar, or borrow your neighbor’s covetable back porch. This is the date that takes you out of routine and into the throes of Paris. Make sure to pack a charcuterie spread and bubbles. This summer date idea is trés magnifique—and so are these summer date outfits. 


Patio Picnic


Cece Black Sunglasses // Flora Shirt & Flora Short // Mika Asymmetrical Dress // Porta Denim Mini // Crinkle Strappy Dress // Stand Out Printed 1 Piece

Summer Date Ideas: Top Golf or Putt Putt

Who’s up for a round of golf? Now, if you’re as competitive as me, it can be advantageous to enter into this perfectionistic game with a drink in your hand. My partner and I are huge fans of Top Golf, where we usually indulge in burgers and beers—it’s the diet of our ancestors—and have a fun summer date night. I’m confined to the belief that mini golf requires a mini dress, so please peruse the following picks for cute summer date outfits that are up to par (Don’t forget the bike shorts).


Top Golf


Libby Mini Dress // Topanga Cuff Shorts // Danielle Set // Checker Knit Top // Beginner's Luck Slouch Shorts // Jo Double Band Pants

Summer Date Ideas: Skittle-Themed Night In

Homebodies of the night, you are seen. There’s nothing wrong with preferring a date night at home. The only danger is your *special night in turning into a *regular night. If you’re in your normal space, It can be tempting to creak your laptop open to check a work email or fold the laundry that’s covering the best seat in the house. My advice is to draw the boundaries early, get on the same page, and add a little magic. For this staying-in summer date idea, you’ll need at least one bag of Skittles. Original, Wild Berry, and Tropical are all welcome here. The concept is simple: Take turns guessing the flavor. For a sexy twist, assign a penalty for guessing wrong. Think Friends: The One at the Beach for inspiration. 


Skittle Themed Night


Elton John Boyfriend Tee // Guns N Roses Paradise Tee // Live & Let Ride OS Tee // Making Waves Short // Crinkle Slit Pant // Topanga Cuff Shorts

Summer Date Ideas: Caffeine & Ice Cream

It’s a widely accepted fact that parents cannot stay up past 10:30pm. Honestly, the closest we’re getting to midnight is Taylor Swift’s album, and most of us are a-okay with that—except when it comes to summer date nights. Our parental mantra is Caffeine was made for lovers. So, get a cup! If you’re not a parent, the caffeine may be less of a baseline necessity and more of a buzzy delight, but you still deserve a nip of tea or a shot of espresso. Take part 2 of the date to your local ice cream shop or stop for personal pints at a grocery store before turning in for the night. Want to mix your ice cream and caffeine together? Opt for an afogato to satisfy your caffeine craving and your sweet tooth all in one.


Coffee & Ice Cream


  Daiquiri Peplum Top // Allegra Dress // Logan Sweater Top // Blazer Suiting Skirt // Claire Mini Dress // Beginner's Luck Slouch Shorts

Summer Date Ideas: Target Shopping Challenge

This summer date night activity is best played with cold, hard cash. Start at Starbucks in Target. Synchronize your watches. Then split into opposite directions of the store and shop for one another. You each have 20 minutes and 20 dollars—tax included. If you pass the spending limit, you forfeit. Reconvene at Starbucks before your 20 minutes is up and trade Target bags. The best gift-giver wins! It’s a creative date idea that works great for the first or the fiftieth summer date night.


 Target Date


Wilderado Denim Mini // Glenn Crop Top // Cheyenne Mini Dress // Jenna Top // 90s Pinch Waist // City Cut Out Dress

Summer Date Ideas: Art Walk & Local Shopping

Shopping local is ALWAYS a good idea. Several cities offer a monthly or quarterly art walk in which you can experience the local art scene. There are usually vendors for more than just art, and it makes an idyllic li’l date night. This is one of my favorite summer date night ideas. If your community doesn’t host an art walk, make it a local hot spot night instead. Pick a restaurant, a sweet shop, and a bar. No chains allowed. Enjoy your time together as you support small business—and look damn good while doing it.


 Art Walk


Blue 3d Pineapple Crop Top // Emma One Piece // Zodiac Chemise Shirtdress // Stella Ribbed Top // Ziggy Shortalls // Flowers Embroidered Shirt

Summer Date Ideas: Racing Games

Come on Barbie, let’s go karting. For this date night idea, you’ll need to research go-kart tracks near you. If there aren’t any, take your racing game to a local arcade to settle things on the screen. As a last resort, conjure Mario and Luigi as you battle head-to-head in Mario Kart. The race is starting in 3..2..Go!


Racing Games


Erica Cardi // Black Lace Bodysuit // Rochelle Bodysuit // Checkered Tote Bag // Have to Have it Maxi Tee // Lotta Love Linen Trouser

Summer Date Ideas: Fitness Class

Burn calories as a couple! You’ll love the endorphin hit, and it will be a fun challenge to try something new to one or both of you. Imagine taking your partner with you to a hot yoga class or joining them for a cycle class. Not into those ideas? How about signing up for a pickleball lesson one evening? Keep in mind that you’re doing this to have fun and to connect! Catch one another’s eye as the instructor shares something that seems impossible, or powwow after the class to share what you love about each other’s bodies. Let’s get physical!




Playa Shorts // Bike Short // Laguna Tech Short // Bella Bralette & Sunset Legging // Torrey Essential Tee // Grayson Crop & Sunset Legging  

Each of these summer date night ideas requires an outfit in which you’ll feel like the best version of you. Of course, none of these cute summer date outfits needs to stay with its associated activity—pick and choose from the full list to create your perfect summer date night looks. You’re going to look amazing.