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Boost Confidence with Back to School Style

Boost Confidence with Back to School Style

Are you ready for back to school? It’s that rare time of year in which your kid’s backpack looks pristine and their lunch box can easily be found. The days are coming in which said backpack will have a questionable ink stain on the bottom and twisted straps. Your kid’s lunch box will go missing each morning around 7am—possibly because they hope you’ll rescue them with a mid-day Chickfila delivery.

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Bohemian Mama Announces Elevated In-Person Shopping Experience at The CAMP in Costa Mesa

Bohemian Mama Storefront Now Open at The CAMP in Costa Mesa

Bohemian Mama has opened their first West Coast brick-and-mortar shop at The CAMP in Costa Mesa this summer. The grand opening of Bohemian Mama’s new location is an invitation to all women—not just parents—to shop consciously for themselves and their homes. Celebrity clientele and influencers who frequent the e-commerce site are expected to be in attendance. The address of the new shop is 2981 Bristol Street, Suite B3, Costa Mesa, California 92626.
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Spring Cleaning Checklist, Self-Care Edition

Spring Cleaning Checklist, Self-Care Edition

There’s one feeling that I wish could be bottled up for safe keeping: arriving home from a trip and finding a CLEAN house. 

Around our East Texas home, that ambiance is experienced once in a blue moon. And by blue moon, I mean only when my daughters’ school schedules align and I have a day off from work before the trip. 

That’s when my home organization game is ace—when no one is following me around with the wrong end of an Annie’s organic cheddar bunnies bag and a Capri Sun’s crashing waves. 

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Happy Earth Day, Mamas!

Happy Earth Day, Mamas!

Any day that honors our planet deserves to be celebrated in our book. After all, Bohemian Mama was founded to provide easy access to sustainable, organic products without compromising aesthetics. More sustainable shopping = more earth to love for future generations. We know that making better choices for our planet and your family shouldn’t be difficult — with Bohemian Mama, there’s no guesswork!

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Who run the world?

Who run the world?

Girls! And Women. Of course, we’re talking about Women’s History Month — a time to honor women for all they do in our lives and beyond. As a woman-owned company, Bohemian Mama is so proud to recognize women — not only this March, but all year long!
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International Womens Month

Let's Celebrate International Women's Day

If you’re anything like us, which we think you are, then you think every month should be a little more dedicated to celebrating powerful women. And now that International Women's Day is here, we are going to celebrate a little louder than we do every other month by offering 25% off these four women-owned brands on the Bohemian Mama mobile app until March 17th. We are proud to carry a lot of women-owned and -operated brands with strong missions to sustainability, so in celebration, we are thrilled to highlight four female-owned fashion brands that we love. 

Flynn Skye

Flynn Skye has a special place in our hearts because we know what it’s like to decide to follow your passion without knowing exactly how to do that. Amber Farr started Flynn Skye out of her garage, and while she may not have had design experience, she knew her inspiration was all that she needed. And we are so glad that she took the leap. According to their website, this Venice-California-based line is "made for women by women." They don’t mass produce anything, which means that not only do they focus on keeping their processes sustainable, but you also end up with incredible, unique styles. 


Shop Stillwater the Brand for International Women's Day

When it comes to powerful, inspirational women, Lisa Popp is at the top of our list. She founded her LA-based brand, Stillwater, in 2014 to give women the fashion necessities that they’ve been searching for. Spending her life on both the casual, coast of California and the fast-paced city, she has found a great way to balance out both styles. They sum it up best when they say that Stillwater is “designed for women who live boldly and prefer clean lines.” Of course, besides their mission to dress women in the bold lives they lead, they also are here to protect our planet. They source all of their materials locally and keep every step of the process within 10 miles of their downtown office. 


Shop women-owned brands for Women's History Month

Angela O’Brien first joined the fashion industry as a model but quickly realized that she was ready to be the one creating the products that she was wearing. In 2006, she set off on a yearlong, worldwide journey with her husband, and by the time they arrived back in California, Cleobella was ready to join the world. Inspired by her travels, she wanted to create global-inspired styles, but beyond this, she wanted to make sure that Cleobella collaborated with local artisans to make sure they were given more stable incomes and opportunities. If that wasn’t enough to make you fall in love with this California- and Bali-based brand, they also donate 1% of their profits to empower women around the world. 

Novella Royale

Shop Novella Royale to celebrate Women's History Month

Mary Myers had an early start in the fashion industry as a third-generation seamstress, but she knew she wanted more. While she looks back fondly on her time of designing jewelry for larger brands, it was time for her to take her fate into her own hands and start Novella Royale. Mary now designs four eco-friendly collections a year for Southern California-based Novella Royale, and we are so honored to get to support this stunning female-owned brand. 

If you haven't downloaded our app yet, you can download it on the Apple app store here or on Google Play here and still get 25% off of your purchase from any of these four female-owned brands. 

Happy International Women's Day to all of our favorite ladies!

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Sustainable Style Series: Mate the Label

Sustainable Style Series: Mate the Label

If there’s anything that we hope you know about us, it’s our dedication to sustainable fashion. We strive to continue finding the best in ethical brands for you, but we also want to take time to celebrate the incredible brands that we are lucky enough to partner with. So now that we are in the new year, we decided to start a new series to highlight how our favorite brands are focusing on creating the cleanest, most sustainable styles for you, starting with MATE The Label

You’ve heard some of the horrendous statistics before — the fashion industry is the second-largest contributor to pollution in the world, just after oil. It contributes a whopping 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. And even more upsetting, 24% of insecticides and 11% of pesticides are produced through cotton farming. And beyond the global impact, there are also direct health concerns, like the more than 8,000 synthetic chemicals used in producing clothing. That’s where MATE The Label comes in. 

This Los Angeles-based clean fashion label makes it easy for you to find chic essentials that you can trust. Everything is made out of certified organic, non-toxic fabrics, and this isn’t just an empty claim. They only use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton, which is the highest standard in the world. In the interest of full transparency and education, they even have a page dedicated to all of the fabrics that they use, so you can know exactly what you’re putting on your body. 

Let’s bring it back to a large, global scale and toss in a phrase that we all know so well … carbon footprint. And the fact that MATE keeps theirs as small as possible. Based in LA, they keep every part of their production chain right in LA, and better than that, all of the warehouses are within 10 miles of each other. That’s right. Cutting, sewing, dyeing, shipping, you name it, and it all happens right there, and it happens up to fair trade standards to top it all off.

Mate The Label

This is the part of your clothing’s journey where you come in. After you purchase all of your favorites, they package them up with care in 100% recycled materials (and are working on creating a 100% compostable plastic bag as well). They are also in the process of creating a program where you can return your well-loved MATE goodies so that they can be turned into new products.

This female-founded fashion label is also predominately female operated, which is just one more reason why we are so glad to have them as part of our team and to bring their stunning styles to you. Keep an eye out for the newest MATE products and stay tuned to learn about more of our favorite sustainable fashion brands and comment below to share with us why you love shopping sustainably!


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Taking Things Beyond Sustainability

Taking Things Beyond Sustainability

In the world of fashion, “sustainable” is a term that’s tossed around about as loosely as “trendy” or “unique,” and we’re usually left wondering what it really means. That’s not to say that sustainability is a concept to be taken lightly since the earth needs our protection more than ever. To make your ethical and environmentally conscious shopping even easier, we decided it was time to toss out sustainability as a basic label and explain to you exactly how our favorite brands are doing their part to help the planet and the people who live here.

Moon Water Co.

Handmade leather wristlet bag from Moon Water Co made in Guatemala

Moon Water Co. is a line that was created by an aunt and niece team who wanted to turn their passion into a global mission. They work with artisans around the world to bring gorgeous handmade designs to you. By working directly with those who are creating the products, they are able to ensure both safe working conditions and fair pay. By adding these eye-catching bags and accessories to your wardrobe, you can feel good knowing that each purchase directly impacts the lives of those who created them.

Handmade leather carryall bag from Moon Water Co made in Guatemala

Quincy Mae

Soft baby turban made with organic cotton from Quincy Mae

Every mama knows that when it comes to your little ones, you won’t compromise on quality, which is why we are thrilled to carry the sweetest baby clothing from Quincy Mae. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple accessory like the long-sleeve baby dress and ribbed leggings, each item is made from certified organic cotton. This means that not only will it be safe for baby’s sensitive skin, it’ll also keep them as cuddly as can be.

Soft long-sleeve baby dress made with organic cotton from Quincy Mae

Little Shop of Oils

Aura Cleanse Soap is an all-natural crystal-infused soap from Little Shop of Oils

We will be the first to admit that we take self-care very seriously around here, but also if you aren’t treating yourself to the very best, what’s the point? And when it comes to your skin and mental health, it's vital to go as pure as you can. Little Shop of Oils makes this easy by giving us organic body products that are made in small batches in California, so you can self-care Sunday easily knowing that you are keeping the earth (and your skin) protected. If you want to create an entire routine to keep your life in balance, start things off with the Aura Cleanse Soap, add three or four drops of the organic cold-pressed Prickly Pear Anti-Aging Serumto your face, and then keep your calm all day with the Anxiety Sucks essential oil blend (our personal favorite).

Anxiety Sucks gemstone-infused essential oil blend for anxiety from Little Shop of Oils

Boyish Jeans

Shop the Toby high-rise boyfriend jeans with distressed detailing from Boyish

When your go-to outfit is always centered around your favorite jeans, why not make them eco-friendly jeans (that also have the perfect fit every time — we aren’t joking). In case you never looked into it too much, the average pair of jeans takes 1,800 gallons of water to make, and that’s not even taking into account the harsh chemicals that are used (and then dumped back into the environment at the end of the process). That’s where Boyish comes in to save the world. Besides using ⅓ the amount of water (that they then recycle), they don’t use any harsh chemicals, they use recycled cotton and other deadstock/vintage fabrics, and to top it all off, they give one-percent of their annual profits to organizations they believe in. Now that we’ve covered the basics of what makes Boyish stand apart, we can’t ignore the fact that they're also focused on the highest quality and the best fit, whether you want a pair you can wear every single day, like The Zachary high-waisted skinny jeans, or you’re looking for some statement denim, like The Toby high-waisted distressed boyfriend jeans.

Shop the Zachary high-rise skinny jeans with raw hem from Boyish 

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Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle

Learn more about the Bohemian Mama x Moonwater Co. Unique Collaboration handcrafted by artisan women in Guatemala. Your fair trade purchase supports these women.
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