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Spring Cleaning Checklist, Self-Care Edition

Spring Cleaning Checklist, Self-Care Edition

There’s one feeling that I wish could be bottled up for safe keeping: arriving home from a trip and finding a CLEAN house. 

Around our East Texas home, that ambiance is experienced once in a blue moon. And by blue moon, I mean only when my daughters’ school schedules align and I have a day off from work before the trip. 

That’s when my home organization game is ace—when no one is following me around with the wrong end of an Annie’s organic cheddar bunnies bag and a Capri Sun’s crashing waves. 

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Self Care: Because YOU are Worth it

Self Care: Because YOU are Worth it

“YOU are worth the quiet moment. YOU are worth the deeper breath. YOU are worth the time it takes to slow down, be still and rest”

Slowing down is a lot easier said than done, we know and feel that to be very true. But as a new season approaches and kids head back to school, we think it’s a perfect time to reflect and put energy into finding new rhythms that serve YOU.

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