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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

It's no secret that time is passing quicker and quicker every day. So it's okay if you looked at the calendar today and realized. . .Mother's Day is next weekend. Did you forget to go shopping for all of those special women in your life? It happens. This is why we've curated specific gift guides!
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Our Story

Our Story


I’m Gina, the founder and CEO of Bohemian Mama. I wanted to take a step back, as we approach our fourth anniversary, to step out from behind the curtain and share a little bit about the brand that is my heart and soul.

Like many women, I experienced severe postpartum depression after my first child, Camilla, was born in 2015. And like a lot of other women, I didn’t talk about it and didn’t call it by name for a long time. I had a long, successful corporate sales career but felt completely unfulfilled and passionless about anything during this time of my life. But I also had an increasing desire to build something of my own, with my daughter in mind, that I could share with her and other mothers like myself who enjoyed fashion and wanted a place to shop sustainable, ethical and organic products. More importantly, I wanted to be able to shop at the same location for my daughter, too, without compromising on quality or style. I remember discussing this with my husband in bed one morning and I believe he was the one who coined the phrase, “Bohemian Mama.” As you might have guessed, that’s where it all began.

I set out with a plan: work as hard as I did during my time at a Fortune 500 company that couldn’t care less about me, but this time, I'm going to do it for myself and see where it could go. I went from feeling completely empty and without direction to suddenly being alive with ideas and inspiration. I started the company while sitting at my kitchen table as my daughter slept, and then I couldn’t stop. I was obsessed with building the brand and my first of three websites, doing all of the shipping out of our garage in Southern California. Bohemian Mama saved my life, and my children continue to inspire me to keep going while supporting other female-owned brands that also want to leave the world a better place by walking a little lighter. 

Fast forward to today, and we now have our second child, Indio, and Camilla is 4! We’ve traveled the world and created our own clothing line, and we also hand-select the most amazing independent brands to share with you all. I was thrilled when I opened a 2,000-square-foot flagship store on the East Coast in 2017, but I couldn’t do this without constant support from my husband, James, and the many women who’ve come before me and taught me so much. 

There’s much more to the story, but I’ll tell you the rest another time. For now, I wanted to share with you how much your support to Bohemian Mama truly means to me and my family. I am forever grateful to be able to share my passion for making women feel amazing in whatever skin they are in, with the convenience of hand-picked, handmade children’s brands to add to your shopping experience. Every single purchase allows this dream to continue and provide support to the many retail partners we work with that are also building a dream. Looking forward to roaring into the new decade with you. Happy holidays and happy New Year to you and yours! 

With love, gratitude and laughter,

xo Gina

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SS19 Rylee and Cru seafoam tube top boho kids clothing

Spring has Sprung with Rylee & Cru

There are so many things to love about spring — warmer days, breaking out our favorite sunglasses and putting away the ugly boots, and perhaps best of all, our new spring collection of Kids and Mommy ‘n’ Me styles from Rylee & Cru.

This line was founded by illustrator Kelli Murray, bringing a whimsical and artistic feel to every piece. Better yet, everything is hand dyed and made from the softest fabrics, to keep you and your babe cuddling, playing, and adventuring in the sweetest styles. With a lot of natural colors, tropical patterns, and funky graphics, we still can’t get over these pieces.

It doesn’t matter if your sunny spring has some resort trips in store (check out our favorite destinations if you need a little extra inspiration) or if you are just ready for some uninterrupted playground time, we have pulled out our top essentials that you’ll love to sport well into summer.


When you have the cutest of littles, why wouldn't you want to match them wherever you go? Mommy 'n' Me outfits are our favorite trend this year, and with everything from skirts and blouses to jumpsuits and maxi dresses, we have your style needs covered for any event that comes your way. 

 Shop the flowy bohemian girl’s mommy n me maxi skirt from Rylee & Cru

Mila Maxi Skirt for Kids - Storm


Women's Mila Maxi Skirt  - Storm


Storm Stripe Bridgette Jumpsuit

Shop the women’s wide-leg striped jumpsuit from the Rylee & Cru spring collection

Women's Bridgette Jumpsuit


Comfy Cozy

With all of the crawling around, dreaming, and imagining your baby has to do, comfort is key. We love these matching sets for kids, with the super soft material, easy-to-move-with elastic waist, and funky prints to boot. 


Vacationers, rejoice! These super comfy (and super cute) girl's swimsuits will keep them moving easily for splashing and swimming around, and they'll really love getting to show off their personality with all of these fun tropical patterns all summer long. 

Shop the girl’s one-piece swimsuit with tropical print and ruffles from Rylee & Cru



Shop ALL the new Rylee & Cru Spring Collection today and get Free Shipping on ALL ORDERS. 

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How to Transform Any Room into a Boho Luxe Space

How to Transform Any Room into a Boho Luxe Space

Bohemian Luxe blends eclectic home design with hotel-chic. It’s glamorous and transitional yet traditional, as it incorporates antique and rustic elements. A luxurious take on the usual style of Bohemian, it draws inspiration from music, travel, literature, and art from both the past and present. Filled with pops of color, prints, fabrics, and texture, this “anything goes” style of decor is all about mixing and matching while exuding lavishness. The philosophy of “Bohemian Luxe” is to express oneself with full freedom through pieces that are timeless, elegant, and sophisticated. Read on for some home décor tips to get the Boho Luxe look!

Incorporate texture into flat spaces for dimension. You can utilize wallpapers, rugs, blankets, or woven art to your liking. Displaying a range of textures make for more interesting living spaces. Variety is always great in this case so don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures.

To achieve casual, Boho comfort and easy glamour, juxtapose soft, plush chairs and couches against marbled tabletops. Layer elegant metallic accents and wood, rattan, or other organic material to pay homage to nature. The diversity of elements gives the room a pleasant ambience for all of your visitors to enjoy.

Rich, luxurious fabrics and patterns come to mind when describing the Boho Luxe style. Popular prints include tribal or Native American-inspired designs as well as geometric shapes. Geometric shapes maintain unity within the space as well as break the overall organic aspect of the room. A perfect balance is created when symmetrical figures are thrown into the mix so give them a try!

Decorate with the Carmen Turkish Towel by Bersuse to complete your Bohemian Luxe look!

Natural metals, stones, glass, and jewels contribute to the opulence that separates Boho Luxe from other Bohemian styles. Simple touches such as adding a bowl of gems as a table centerpiece or fancy chandelier can dress up any room.

Place the Rose Quartz Crystal Candle by Jax Kelly in your home to direct positive energy and radiate joy to everyone who encounters it!

When decorating your space, it’s important that you make it your own. Allow each piece to serve as an expression of yourself and what you represent. You may find liberation in interior design, especially with the Boho Luxe style, as it is your opportunity to create something that’s unique to you. So take advantage of your freedom through creativity. Happy decorating!


Images via Www.jungalow.com,  HouseBeautiful, Bohemian Mama

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Home Décor Tips for the Modern Bohemian

Home Décor Tips for the Modern Bohemian

The modern Bohemian decorating style embraces tranquility while maintaining a contemporary feel. It involves vibrant and colorful patterns and textiles, emphasizing the unconventional. The relaxed, eclectic aesthetic is influenced by a variety of styles and tailored to the unique preference of the decorator. If you’re looking to achieve a style that you can call your own, read on for some home décor tips.

Warm hues, Earth tones, and metallics are common elements of most modern Boho spaces. Combine muted colors with deeper, saturated ones to create unconventional harmony within the room. Mixing and experimenting with color keeps things interesting within the space.

Similarly, different textures and materials should be combined to achieve eccentric richness. Natural furniture materials like rattan, burlap, reclaimed wood, and teak complement wrought iron, aluminum, steel, and other metals. Variation of material is sure to provide an unfamiliarly pleasant experience for your visitors.

Give bland planes some dimension by adding texture to the walls. Transform any area into a lavishly modern Boho room by adding things like wallpapers or framed textiles. You can even hang up rugs, blankets, or woven art.

Check out this handwoven piece made from cotton rope, wool roving, and acrylic yarns by The River Haze! Get it here.

Consider this stunning addition pictured below (right)! This handmade macrame wall art by The River Haze features a blend of wool and acrylic fibers to show appreciation for all things organic. Get yours here.








A characteristic of the Bohemian style, whether modern or vintage, is the incorporation of collectors’ items, handmade pieces, and/or little knick knacks from your travels. You can expect a modern Boho room to feature unusual accessories and décor. Handmade masks, beads, artwork, and sculptures are all exceptional additions to achieve the Boho vibe. Each item should tell a story and carry its own significance to you – that’s what makes your space yours.

Use plants to liven up a closed space. Adding air plants, hanging plants, ferns, succulents, or other indoor plants is a decorative way to improve air quality. If you don’t have a green thumb, look for plants that are easy to care for. Many indoor plants are low maintenance, requiring only occasional watering and a sunny spot to thrive. For those who are looking for no-maintenance greenery, consider this modern Boho cactus décor by Fiona Walker England pictured below (right). You can even hang it up! Get yours here.

Don’t dull out your edge! Decorative skulls, arrows, and dark objects can really set the scene and are ideal for breaking up an overly-peppy corner.

Final touches that are great for clearing the energy of any space include our White Sage Smudge Spray by From Molly With Love and our quartz crystal charged candles by JaxKelly. Available in a variety of blends such as Tiger Eye to release stress and anxiety, Peach Quartz for inner peace, and Obsidian Crystal to block negativity, you’re sure to find the right candle to fit your mood.

Accomplishing a modern Bohemian layout is all about expressing oneself. There are no rules when it comes to style, so experimentation and change is welcome when decorating your own space. It’s your chance to create a novel little area to reflect your personality so have fun with it!

Images via The Glitter Guide

Bohemian Mama

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