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Self Care is Better Together

Self Care is Better Together

Simple self-care activities to do with your kids

April is stress awareness month — and nothing is quite as stressful as those early days of parenthood. And, as a new mom, there is a lot of emphasis on managing that stress, taking care of yourself, and making sure your mental health is in good shape. Some days, this may actually feel impossible most days. It’s so easy to let your little ones dictate the day. Before you know it, ‘self-care’ means taking a shower before noon or running to the grocery store. But we can do better than that! Self-care means something different for everyone, but we think a great place to start is with the kids.

 Instead of waiting for them to have a weekend at Grandma’s or an occasional long nap, get them involved at a young age to create a healthy habit! Seeing mom do these things — or better yet, getting involved — is a wonderful way to create a positive relationship with mental health. Here are a handful of our favorite family-friendly self-care activities to get started with today!



If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: exercise is crucial for your mental health. Pop on a workout video and you’ll be shocked at how quickly your kids join in! Not into working out? Play some music and break a sweat with a dance! Don’t have a walker just yet? Search YouTube for gentle baby and me yoga to stretch and breathe alongside baby.


Grech & Co. reusable stainless steel + silicone thermo bottles


Grech & Co. reusable stainless steel + silicone thermo bottles are highly durable, super friendly to open and close, and feature a silicone spout which protects teeth - Offering a total drinking experience.


Get in the kitchen

Cooking a healthy meal with fresh food is a great way to slow down and connect back to yourself. I know what you’re thinking: cooking with a toddler sounds like a potential nightmare. I promise there are ways to make it manageable. Give them small tasks like dumping ingredients from measuring cups into a bowl or pressing the button to start your blender for a smoothie. Older kids can help by peeling vegetables or using a spoon to mix ingredients together.


Little Big Playroom - The Sit & Stand


Little Big Playroom Sit & Stand is the ultimate piece for your little helper! Use as a stool in the kitchen for you little one to get in on the cooking & baking action or use as a single coloring desk and chair! 



Using apps like Calm or Headspace is a great introduction to meditation — they even have specific meditations geared toward children. Not interested in paying for an app? YouTube has some wonderful guided meditations as well! Creating a relaxing space for quiet time has proven benefits for children, including improved sleep, increased focus,  prolonged attention span, and reduced stress and anxiety — and everyone could use that!


Deep Sleep Oil


Ready for bed? Relax your mind, ease your stress, and calm your body with this essential oil blend that helps get you ready for one magical night of deep sleep.


Deep Sleep - Dream Mist


Spray your pillows/sheets and even your body with this gentle lavender essential oil misting spray. The oils used in this blend will help promote a restful night of sleep. Sweet smells of lavender, chamomile, marjoram and warm smells of vanilla and sandalwood.


Make the most of bathtime

Okay — you probably want to have some alone time while you bathe, which is fair enough.  However, bathtime is the perfect place to teach your littles to treat themselves occasionally with bubble bath or a special bath toy. For the mama, a hot bath with some decadent products can help ease your stress any time of day.

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Moisturize and soothe your baby’s delicate skin with natural Baby Oil. Made from natural origin and certified organic ingredients, our formula’s calming and nurturing effects are a great way to bond with your baby.

Mushie’s all purpose Baby Balm is made from natural ingredients that moisturizes, nourishes and creates a protective barrier for your skin. 

Mushie Baby Cream provides a protective barrier that prevents the skin from drying out and soothes. Gentle enough for everyday use, this all-purpose cream is suitable for areas of dry, chafed skin. 


Spend time outside

Exposure to nature is a fantastic mood booster. My toddler could be in the middle of a meltdown, but the mention of going outside does the trick (nearly) every time. Movement, sun, and fresh air — going outside is the self-care jackpot. Try outdoor activities together like going for a walk around the block, starting a small garden, or a simple picnic. Even just sitting outdoors together on a blanket with a book or some simple toys is perfect.

 The Mint Piki Basket by Olli Ella is that classic picnic basket that your little one will love. Pack it for a picnic, for the beach, or for a playdate.


Olli Ella - Mint Piki Basket


By starting these small habits together — whether every day or once a week — you’re setting yourself and your family up for improved mental health. Self-care will become a routine activity, just like brushing your teeth or washing the dishes. In time, the children will be more understanding when you need a ‘mommy minute’ and some time to meditate. And who knows, they may even join you!