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1000 Hours Outside

1000 Hours Outside

Spend more time in nature this Summer

It’s June — which for most of the US means that Summer is *unofficially* here — and it’s the perfect time for you to get outside with your kids. Spending time outdoors with your kids is so beneficial, but sadly, on the decline. Blame it on TV, smart phones, or video games — the average American child spends five to eight hours a day in front of a digital screen. The repercussions of too much screen time, at the expense of unstructured play in nature are detrimental to the well-being of children. So this year, the team at Bohemian Mama challenges you to spend 1,000 hours outside.


What is 1,000 hours outside?

1,000 hours outside is a movement to encourage children and their families to spend more time outside and less time in front of screens. From their website: “The entire purpose of 1000 Hours Outside is to attempt to match nature time with screen time. If kids can consume media through screens 1200 hours a year on average then the time is there and at least some of it can and should be shifted towards a more productive and healthy outcome!”


Founded by Ginny Yurich, 1,000 aims to encourage families to track how much time they spend outside with nature — essentially gamifying something that is really good for you! The recommending time outdoors per day for children is 4-6 hours. We know, as parents ourselves, this sounds like a lot of time. But, the benefits of unstructured play outdoors has so many benefits for children — it’s certainly a goal worth striving toward.


Benefits of play in nature


  1. Improved cognitive function
  2. More creativity
  3. Less sitting, more being active
  4. Less solitary, more interactions with peers
  5. Less depression and anxiety
  6. Increased attention span
  7. More vitamin D exposure helps reduce the risk of certain health issues
  8. Improved eyesight
  9. Exposure to natural light + lots of physical activity = better sleep
  10. Active kids are more likely to grow into active adults

And the benefits don’t stop with the kids. Adults spending more time outside will also reap the benefits — especially those related to health and well-being. So when you start planning what your Summer looks like this year, be sure to include lots of activities outdoors for you and your children to enjoy. To learn more about 1,000 hours outside, visit


Our favorite outdoor gear

Be sure to include some of our favorite products in your outdoor activities this Summer to make spending time outside together a breeze.


The Reign Swing Attachment - White / Black by 2MamaBees will make a fun add-on to the  Reign Two Story Playhouse. Featuring two swings and one acro bar, the Reign Swing Attachment - White / Black will surely add hours of fun time for the kids!


Kids will have a great time playing with the Ajure Playhouse - White / Black by 2MamaBees! This beautifully crafted white and black farmhouse with a built-in kitchen, play food, and cedar window boxes will make a fun addition to your backyard or playroom!

Your kids will have hours of fun with our Good Wood Mini Golf Game. So many different configurations make this game different every time. Set up easy to difficult courses to make the game more challenging. We give it FORE stars!


Take the whole family on a biking adventure and let the youngest one ride along on this timeless designed baby trike. The seat of this classic tricycle is made out of oak and is softly padded for a comfortable ride. Suitable from 2 years and older and a perfect toddler tricycle to pass on to the next generation.

Olli Ella - Luggy

Olli Ella Luggy Natural is the most adorable (and functional) tiny wheeled basket for your toddler or little one. From trips to the farmers market to toting their favorite toys to the backyard this little rattan buggy for children is the perfect accessory for playtime. perfect for storing and toting their most prized possessions. The Luggy Basket is great for grocery shopping, the beach, and of course, the playground.