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5 Mantras to get you through Summer Break

5 Mantras to get you through Summer Break

5 Mantras to get you through Summer Break

Summer is upon us and while the kids couldn’t be happier, many parents are likely feeling a little anxious. Don’t get me wrong — the majority of parents are thrilled for the start of summer and whatever adventure awaits — but this is a safe space, and it’s okay to feel stressed out about your kids being home all day. Between vacations, play dates, and heatwaves, structure tends to go out the window which can lead to a bit of chaos depending on the kid. Whatever your plans are for Summer break, we’ve curated a list of 5 mantras to keep in mind when you’re feeling overwhelmed this season.


I can do hard things

First things first, take a deep breath. Challenging situations are almost always worse in your head than they are in reality. Yes, you will have hard days, but have confidence in yourself! You gave birth to these kids! If you can do that you can do anything — you’ve got this!


They are only young once

I know it can be hard to see it when you’re in it, but all the old sayings are true. The days are long but the years are short and they are making core memories right now! Try to not sweat the small stuff and let the stress go — let them be little!


It’s okay to not have a plan

During the school year, it’s normal for many families to have a schedule from sunup to sundown — but that is easier said than done in the Summer. Embrace the days of having nothing to do and flying by the seat of your pants. Most importantly, cut yourself some slack: structure is important but Summer is the time to be flexible.


Tomorrow is a new day

When all else fails and you are just having one of those days, remind yourself that everything is phase. It won’t be Summer forever and you and your family will be in a new phase of life before you know it. There will be tough days, but you can always look to tomorrow for a fresh start.


I am ready for fun – enjoy every moment – embrace your inner child

Parenting always comes first, but you can still have fun while you’re doing it! Embrace your inner child and have some fun with your kids. Reframing an activity from a chore to something fun will do wonders for your mindset. Share activities with your children that you loved as a kid and watch them experience something you love.


No matter how you plan on spending Summer break with your kids, you really only need to remember one thing: enjoy it.