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boho kids clothing for spring break

Spring Break Adventures for the Whole Family

As much as we want to shout it from the rooftops that spring has officially sprung, we’re still holding our breath for one last snowfall or polar vortex, because the sun seems too good to be true. But alas, the sun is shining, the snow is melting, and spring break season is upon us. Some of you may be lucky enough to cross one of our favorite destinations off of your bucket list this spring, but for the rest of us who are relieved enough to just enjoy the weather, we’ve come up with some easy adventures to make the most of the kids’ week off (and treat yourself to a night out, while you’re at it). Of course, make sure to keep it a photo-worthy adventure by picking out a Mommy 'N' Me outfit to sweeten things up even more. 

Next-Level Staycation

Take a walking tour or other Airbnb Experience for a fun spring break activity  

We’re all about a staycation that means never changing out of PJs and checking off all of the movies you’ve been wanting to see, but if you’re needing a change of scenery, Airbnb Experiences are the perfect solution. They give you such a fun way to experience your city in a completely different way, whether you check out a cooking class, take a walking tour of a new area, or you get to spend some time with a mini pig (yeah, we’re serious). You can even filter the experiences by ages, so you can make sure that the kids are in for a blast as well.

Take it to New Heights

Bouldering is a fun family-friendly spring break activity

In case you’ve somehow avoided hearing the news, the entire world is revolving around bouldering right now. It may sound daunting, what with climbing a rock wall without any harness or ropes, but once you try it you’ll never look back. A lot of bouldering gyms have special areas for the kids, and you might even find some climbing classes offered during spring break. Besides being an easy (and fun) way to keep the family active, everyone will be beaming with pride once they get to the top of their first climb. Who knows, you might just find your new weekend tradition.

Keep it Educational

Visit a museum for a kid-friendly spring break activity

With a week off and summer so close you can taste it, it’s always a good idea to keep the littles flexing their minds (and it won’t hurt for you, either). We’ve all been guilty of claiming that we’ll check out our city’s best museums “one day,” so now's the time to follow through. Whether you’re more of an artsy family, you like to keep things scientific, or the kids want to bring some bizarre tales back to the classroom after visiting a spot on the list of “America’s Most Unusual Museums,” you’ll all love spending a day wandering, learning, and chatting.

Treat Yourself

Take a crafting and drinking class with friends

You’ve endured a long, cold winter, too, so why should the kids get to have all of the fun? Take a night out with your besties and find a crafting class to giggle your way through. With DIY workshops taking over every city (most of which offering drinks to accompany your artsy endeavors), all you have to do is settle on a day and make it happen. Plus, you get to walk away with a new addition to your decor lineup, so it’s about as win-win of a situation as you can find.