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If Not Now, When? 2022 Manifestation Practice

If Not Now, When? 2022 Manifestation Practice

Ah, January first, page one out of three hundred and sixty-five. It's going to be the best year yet, right? Right! With a clean slate comes a fresh wave of inspiration, motivation, and creative energy!

So let's talk about how to capitalize on that, so you can actually achieve the goals you want in 2022 and manifest your best year yet. Now, I'm sure you have a few key goals that pop into your head, go ahead write them down, and then think about your WHY for those goals, and how it will FEEL to have achieved them. Getting clear on your why and the feeling that comes with it is crucial when it comes to manifesting because it's what attracts your manifestations to you!

When you've got your goals, write a few habits you can do daily, weekly and monthly that are in support of helping to make sure those manifestations come true! Of course, what is meant for you will not miss you, and the Universe is always supporting you, but taking steps alongside the Universe helps to speed things up. We're all about aligned action!
One habit I'm hoping to incorporate in 2022, is daily gratitude lists. Helping to see all the good that happens to you daily, the big and the small, (like the fact that it didn't start raining until after you got inside when you forgot your umbrella at home #blessed), puts you into a state of gratitude, joy, and appreciation showing the Universe you are open to receiving!

Let's break down this exercise a bit more so we have an example, if you're looking to manifest financial abundance, get specific. Is there a certain number you want? Write it down, even if it feels intimidating, to receive it, you have to place your order with the universe. Now, WHY do you want that money? What's the feeling it's going to add to your life? A sense of security, the ability to invest in yourself and others more? Peace of mind?

A great daily habit that can be practiced to encourage this manifestation is to write down all the ways money flows to you, and I mean EVERY WAY because you want to show the Universe you are open to receiving abundance in expected and unexpected ways. So, jot down that you found a quarter on the sidewalk, and that you saved $10 because there was a sale or that random gift card from a family member. Be sure to review this list weekly, and monthly, because that is when the magic happens - when you have a track record of abundance coming in, it's when you become truly open to receiving it when you start believing it is possible. Bonus: If you are looking for a sense of security to come with abundance, this is a great way to open your eyes and see all the ways you are already provided for!

We'd love to hear more about what you'll be manifesting this year and how this practice resonated with you!