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PLAY - Tri-Blend American Apparel Tee

Designer: iiixkids


The Principle of PLAY! This is how important we feel the activity of play really is -- that it should be elevated to the same level of respect as its counterpart, work. Work hard—PLAY harder! This is a concept that is viscerally ingrained in the heart and mind of children but somehow it's essence is snuffed out by the time kids arrive at adulthood. Kids learn best when they don't realize they are learning at all. PLAY is a vital piece of the puzzle in the developmental character of sane humans. To have a lighthearted & playful disposition about life is to win at living without even trying. As parents, let this shirt remind you of the effortless ability our kids exhibit in the game of life -- to truly embody what it means to be in the moment with full vitality! PLAY is the new black and our kids have known this since the moment they could move. Let's follow suit as much as reality will let us get away with!;)

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