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What a Mom Wants (for Mother’s Day)

What a Mom Wants (for Mother’s Day)

Mother’s Day is almost here and it’s time to air our grievances regarding:

  1. 1. Motherhood
  2. 2. Mother’s Day

Truthfully, I have a plethora of silly grievances about motherhood and few gut-wrenching complaints. But when it comes to Mother’s Day, I have real frustrations. 

First, why am I always stuck with a carnation from my church on Mother’s Day? Could they not just give me cash? Second, are runny eggs and fingerprinted avocado toast really the best way to start out a special day? And finally, why do I feel so much pressure to prove that I’m enjoying the day my family put together for me—keeping my true emotions tucked away—when they genuinely want me to feel celebrated? 

Wouldn’t it just be easier if I let them know—in advance—what would really make my day this Mother’s Day?

In order to do that, I would have to carve out time to:

  1. 1. Figure out what I want
  2. 2. Ask for it

I’m not usually very good at these two things, and I get the feeling this is universally true about moms. 

But clearly we can do hard things. We do them all the time for our kids. 

So, this Mother’s Day, let’s take the counterintuitive path and put ourselves first (Reminder: That’s what the day is about! We’re not being selfish.) 

We’ll do it as a collective: Moms for Mother’s Day (Embracing the Holiday Meant for Us).

And we’ll have fun while we’re at it. 

In the spirit of maternal candor, I’m also sharing some of my inner thoughts and confessions below. Maybe you’ll connect with them, too. 

Confessions of a Millennial Mom
My kid eats Cheetos and peanut butter for breakfast.
I have mom guilt about everything.
I think my big kid—the smart one—got Strep from licking a toy at Target. 
I encourage my youngest kid’s mispronunciations and she might say “ramoon” instead of “maroon” for the rest of her life.
Crawling into bed with my kids makes me feel safe.
I smell fever on my kids’ breath before I feel it on their foreheads.
My kids don’t know what cuss words are so I let them sing them in song lyrics.
I bathe my kids almost as rarely as I bathe myself.
I get happy feelings when I look at old photos.
I get sad feelings when I look at old photos.
I wish my kids were as difficult for my husband as they are for me.
I think childbirth gave me claustrophobia.
I think the Starbucks drive-thru should be reserved for moms with young children.
I worry my sexy audiobook will automatically start playing in the car instead of our Kidz Bop playlist. 
I steal socks from my 5-year-old.
Sometimes I’m desperate to get out of my house without my kids, but when the opportunity shows up, I don’t want to leave them.
I’m more open about puberty with my kids at age 3 than my parents were with me at age 13.
People keep telling me I should give myself a break.


Mother's Day Wishlist


And in continued candor, here’s my Mother’s Day Wish List for Mother’s Day 2023:


Mother's Day Jewelry

90s Baby Tennis NecklaceLe Signe Loop Hoops // Virgo Black Fade Sunglasses


Mother's Day Hats 

Ivory Rancher Hat //  Rylee & Cru Cooler Tote in Abstract


Mother's Day Dresses


Mother's Day Swimwear
Alba Bikini Top & High Waisted Cheeky Bottom in Lauren Check // Santal Roll-on Oil


Mother's Day TiiPii Beds

I’m passing this list along to my partner immediately. He can empower our kids to pick out Mother’s Day gifts that I will absolutely love. It’s a win-win, and I’m so excited to celebrate motherhood on a very special day in May.

If you’re looking to build your wish list, here are a few quick links to Dresses, Swimwear, Jewelry, Hats, and TiiPii beds.