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Top baby names for 2021 and what's trending in 2022

Top baby names for 2021 and what's trending in 2022

Top baby names for 2021 and what's trending in 2022


They’ve made a list and we’ve checked it twice — the Social Security Administration released their top baby names for 2021 this May! The agency has been tracking the popularity of names since 1980 and started releasing this list in 1998. Oh boy, have the name trends changed since then! However, the top names for boys and girls for 2021 have had a hold on the top spot for a while! This year's list marks the fifth consecutive year for Liam and the third consecutive year for Olivia.


“Once again, during this unprecedented time, parents chose to stick with familiar names,” a press release from SSA reported. “Out of both Top 10 lists combined, only one name changed, with Theodore replacing Alexander in popularity.”


Here are our top 10 names for 2021:


Top 10 Boy Names of 2021

1 - Liam

2 - Noah

3 - Oliver

4 - Elijah

5 - James

6 - William

7 - Benjamin

8 - Lucas

9 - Henry

10 - Theodore


Top 10 Girl Names of 2021

1 - Olivia

2 - Emma

3 - Charlotte

4 - Amelia

5 - Ava

6 - Sophia

7 - Isabella

8 - Mia

9 - Evelyn

10 - Harper

20 years ago, the top names were Jacob and Emily. Where will we be next year? According to baby naming website Nameberry, the top three naming trends of 2022 will be: playful names, escapist nature names, and Bridgerton-inspired names! Nameberry is also able to track which names are searched most, and have seen a jump in names such as Maeve, Luna, Eloise, Royal, Arlo, and Soren.

What is our prediction? More whimsical, earthy, bohemian names like Juniper and Atlas.