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Be Mine, Valentine

Be Mine, Valentine

You can't pour from an empty cup, so make sure you're taking time to fill yourself up this Valentine's day.
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Heart-Worthy Valentine's Day Looks

Heart-Worthy Valentine's Day Looks

Whether you’re more of the “it’s-a-fake-holiday-created-by-greeting-card-companies” kind of person or you’re thrilled to fill your day with chocolate in every form, Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly. You might as well make the most of the day by doing it in your own style (and also gifting the lovies in your life with some extra treats). We’ve pulled together our favorite love-inspired looks that will be perfect for a Galentine’s night in with wine and movies, date night out, or anything else heart day brings your way.

Go Big or Go Home

Sequins aren’t just for ringing in the new year, especially when the sequins in question come in a stunning hot pink that’s ready to wow your Valentine. We love Pasadena Clogs from Free People for a more casual look that gives your dress the space to shine brightly.

Not only will the Daphne Pintuck Jumpsuit bring the sweetest romance for the holiday, but it’ll also become a quick favorite that you’ll love wearing all spring and summer. With that fitted waistline and flowy legs, you’ll get a showstopping silhouette ready for this Thursday-night celebration. Of course, while it’s still chilly out, you can’t leave the house without an extra layer. And once you see try on the Not Your Mom’s Faux-Fur Jacket, you’ll never want to leave the house in anything else.

There’s so much more to love about a matching top-and-bottom set, especially when that set features comfortable flowy pants and a striking crop top with flared sleeves. Make sure you save the big reveal of this stunner for your Valentine’s dinner, but once it’s been introduced into the world, you’ll have the best time mixing and matching these pieces with all of your other wardrobe favorites. Might we suggest the crop top with your favorite vintage jeans? Okay, yeah, we’re definitely suggesting that.

Keep it Chill

While we’re big proponents of taking any and all excuses to celebrate, we love a special night in, especially when it’s with our favorite ladies and our favorite cabernet (hey, it’s red so it fits the theme, right?). For a subtle nod to the reason for the sugar, we can’t get over how cute the Heart Fiona Long-Sleeve Tee from Spiritual Gangster is. In the name of versatility, this will also become a favorite that you can pair with leggings for a trip to the yoga studio or with some high-waisted shorts like The Cody Octopussy Shorts from Boyish once summer weather makes its way back.

Bright red crossbody bucket bag with fringe detailing makes a great Valentine’s Day accessory

Whenever you have an excuse to treat yourself, we vote you take it! The Scarlett Bucket Bag from Cleobella will keep you with the color scheme of the day (so no one can call you out on your all-black outfit), and will also become a new favorite with the bold spring color and vintage-inspired fringe detailing.

We’re all about the subtle-yet-not-so-subtle flair that these Hand-Beaded Chandelier Earrings from Allia will bring to your love-filled celebrations. And we’re even more about the fact that they mean you can stick with your preferred outfit of jeans and a comfy tee while still fulfilling your themed-outfit duties. Plus, why wouldn’t you want to add hearts to your outfit every single day? Once you try these on, you’ll probably start.

Valentine’s Treats 

The point of the holiday is all about love, right? So why not bring a little extra love with the Love Potion from Little Shop of Oils. This gemstone-infused essential oil blend has been cleansed under the full moon and crafted to boost your love life, whether you want some extra sparks with your honey or you give it to your favorite gals looking for love. And on top of all of that, it also smells delicious.

In case wearing your new favorite Love Potion wasn’t conjuring up enough in your romantic life, add the Love Spell Ritual Candle and you’ll find yourself with more suitors than you even know what to do with. Okay, maybe not, but it’ll make your cozy home even cozier, and any good vibes are always welcome.

And nothing could complete your look better than dewy, radiant skin. Check out some of the latest serums and lotions from Full Unicorn and get ready for the glow. 

Even if you try to stay away from buying into the whole Valentine’s gifts thing, you won’t be able to pass up showing your love in the cleverest of ways with a Valentine’s Day card. Our personal favorites? Well, the Pizza card from 417 Press really sums up our love for all things carbs, but the Best Friend with Benefits card is simply too cheeky to pass up.

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Fall in Love with These 5 Valentine’s Date Night Outfits

Fall in Love with These 5 Valentine’s Date Night Outfits

With Valentine’s Day only a week away, it’s time to start coordinating gifts, dates, and outfits. Don’t have a date? Don’t worry! These outfits are cute enough to rock throughout the seasons of spring and summer! Here are some ideas to help you draw inspiration for your own personal style.

1. Sweet Enough to Eat

Dresses are the way to go this time of year since they’re festive and easy to style. We say this lovely dress definitely takes the cake for its two-tiered sleeves! Better than a box of chocolates, this new arrival from Red Carter is flirty and totally appropriate for the occasion. The off-the-shoulder dress is short but long enough – just the right length, allowing you to show off a pretty neck-piece and your favorite pair of heels. Add a colored lip to match the red detail and finish off with tousled hair and bold statement earrings for an effortless look.

2. One Plus One

Whether you’re riding solo or enjoying a night out with your plus one, you can always depend on a matching 2-piece to pull through and save the day. Another fresh arrival from Red Carter, this adorable ruffled set makes it easier for you to look put-together. Shop the top and bottom now!

With the time saved on choosing an outfit, you can focus on accessorizing! An assortment of gold bangles and a pair of tasseled earrings are sure to top off your look.

3. Round and About

Valentine’s Day allows for opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. Why not go for a fun pattern like the multicolored one, pictured above, or even fierce animal print? Don’t be afraid to switch it up! As for purses, we suggest you soften the look with a round handbag, such as the one pictured by Kita Dua. The Aditi Black Bali Market Bag, as pictured below, is a staple for the warmer seasons as it goes great with about any outfit. Made of rattan, this purse makes for a subtle tropical touch to any ensemble.

4. Give Me Butterflies

Rompers are arguably all the rage these days. We guarantee you’ll turn heads in this alluring romper by Show Me Your Mumu. Decorated with a colorful butterfly pattern, this romper is bubbly and playful – ideal for ice-cream on the pier or a stroll in the park. Featuring delicate teacup sleeves and a V-neckline, this piece allows you to flash some sparkly jewels. Keeping in touch with the theme of nature, we think you’ll go crazy for this Bali Bamboo Bag by Kita Dua.

5. Paint the Town Red

Everybody will be rocking red during this month of love so, of course, our list wouldn’t be complete without warm shades of crimson and patterns that pop. You can’t go wrong with Tulle & Batiste’s bell sleeve blouse and a pair of denim shorts. We especially love the tassels in the front, which can be tied up or let loose according to preference. Flowy and versatile, this blouse can be dressed up or down, adding charm to any outfit. You’ll be ready to go anywhere – from the movies to the meadows!

If you’re looking to embrace femininity, you’ll obsess over this maxi skirt, another piece by Tulle & Batiste. This skirt is the perfect balance – long but still allows for a little leg-action! All you’ll need is a plain color top and some jewels to really complement this stunning skirt.

We’re excited to announce that clothing by Tulle & Batiste will be dropping this week on our site,! To be the first to know once these lovely pieces are available, and receive updates on other clothing drops, join our tribe here.

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How to Practice Self-Love this Valentine’s Day

How to Practice Self-Love this Valentine’s Day

Self-love – what is it? It’s beyond an overpopularized concept revolving around vanity and sipping wine. It’s caring for one’s own well-being and happiness. As women, we are taught early on to care for our littles and loved ones. But when was the last time you stopped to appreciate yourself and acknowledge how great you are?

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, consider the following ideas to show yourself some well-deserved loving!


Create a positive mantra

Sometimes the simplest phrases can be the most impactful. Find empowerment in repeating promising affirmations such as “I am stronger than my struggle,” “I’m in control and I’m choosing happiness,” or “I accept myself.” Once you’ve customized your mantra to what works best for you, get in the good habit of starting your day with a burst of positivity. You will soon find yourself better prepared to tackle everyday obstacles.

Surround yourself with all things pretty

Our environments hold the potential to sway our moods one way or the other. Creating your own space filled with things that bring you joy can welcome in good vibes. Add some potted plants to your living space or, if you can’t commit to maintaining the real thing, consider these cute felt succulents.

Perhaps by adding this tiger head handmade from 100% eco-friendly wool felt you’ll be reminded of how fierce you are! This adorably decorative piece is sure to add brightness to any room with its white and yellow hues.

Spoil yourself

Allowing yourself to indulge every once in a while is necessary, especially when working towards a big goal. Keeping your eyes on the prize doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy little rewards on your way up! In fact, it will incentivize you to work harder. So, treat yourself to a cute pair of shoes, like the Adel Off White Sandal by Ash. You can purchase them here.

Single Outing

There’s absolutely no shame in getting dressed up for yourself and enjoying your own company. Go out on a date – table for one! Put on something that makes you feel like the queen that you are. We recommend this flattering blush pink dress by Cleobella fit for the occasion. Complete your look with a cream highlighter to make you glow!

Relax and reflect

Spend some quality time with yourself by taking a moment to channel your own positive vibrations. Preparing a face mask, a tub with alluring bath salts, and lighting a candle will surely invite comfort and dismiss stress. Focus on all the things you like about yourself and how those aspects make you amazing. We suggest you kick back with some goodies by From Molly With Love, such as their Wild Rose Clay Mask and Meditate Bath Salts.

Images via, Paige French

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