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Back to School Made Easy

Back to School Made Easy

​​Well Mamas, it’s that time again! Back to school is upon us! We know this year the task of preparing your littles may feel a bit more overwhelming than usual, so we’ve taken the time to curate a complete collection packed full of all the essentials you need for Back to School

Starting with Fluff! Folders, textbooks and lunches oh my! With so many different things coming and going with your little back and forth from school you need a solution for storage! Fluff has darling backpacks, lunch and snack bags for all ages making it one of our go-to choices! 


With so much to choose from, we just can’t pick! Shop the entire collection here.

Speaking of lunch, why not snag a Bink water bottle for yourself, you’ll be running around from school drop-offs, soccer practice and I’m sure so much more! Keep yourself hydrated! 


Alright, so you’ve got everything you need to get them to and from school…but what about homework! Between OYOY and Tender Leaf Toys, what seems to be a big task of making the perfect study space is made easy! 

One of our favorites from OYOY is the Rainbow Mini Chair! Of course, every little scholar needs a desk, Tender Leaf Toys has a perfect one

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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

It's no secret that time is passing quicker and quicker every day. So it's okay if you looked at the calendar today and realized. . .Mother's Day is next weekend. Did you forget to go shopping for all of those special women in your life? It happens. This is why we've curated specific gift guides!
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Our Story

Our Story


I’m Gina, the founder and CEO of Bohemian Mama. I wanted to take a step back, as we approach our fourth anniversary, to step out from behind the curtain and share a little bit about the brand that is my heart and soul.

Like many women, I experienced severe postpartum depression after my first child, Camilla, was born in 2015. And like a lot of other women, I didn’t talk about it and didn’t call it by name for a long time. I had a long, successful corporate sales career but felt completely unfulfilled and passionless about anything during this time of my life. But I also had an increasing desire to build something of my own, with my daughter in mind, that I could share with her and other mothers like myself who enjoyed fashion and wanted a place to shop sustainable, ethical and organic products. More importantly, I wanted to be able to shop at the same location for my daughter, too, without compromising on quality or style. I remember discussing this with my husband in bed one morning and I believe he was the one who coined the phrase, “Bohemian Mama.” As you might have guessed, that’s where it all began.

I set out with a plan: work as hard as I did during my time at a Fortune 500 company that couldn’t care less about me, but this time, I'm going to do it for myself and see where it could go. I went from feeling completely empty and without direction to suddenly being alive with ideas and inspiration. I started the company while sitting at my kitchen table as my daughter slept, and then I couldn’t stop. I was obsessed with building the brand and my first of three websites, doing all of the shipping out of our garage in Southern California. Bohemian Mama saved my life, and my children continue to inspire me to keep going while supporting other female-owned brands that also want to leave the world a better place by walking a little lighter. 

Fast forward to today, and we now have our second child, Indio, and Camilla is 4! We’ve traveled the world and created our own clothing line, and we also hand-select the most amazing independent brands to share with you all. I was thrilled when I opened a 2,000-square-foot flagship store on the East Coast in 2017, but I couldn’t do this without constant support from my husband, James, and the many women who’ve come before me and taught me so much. 

There’s much more to the story, but I’ll tell you the rest another time. For now, I wanted to share with you how much your support to Bohemian Mama truly means to me and my family. I am forever grateful to be able to share my passion for making women feel amazing in whatever skin they are in, with the convenience of hand-picked, handmade children’s brands to add to your shopping experience. Every single purchase allows this dream to continue and provide support to the many retail partners we work with that are also building a dream. Looking forward to roaring into the new decade with you. Happy holidays and happy New Year to you and yours! 

With love, gratitude and laughter,

xo Gina

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Easy Outdoor Summer Workouts

Easy Outdoor Summer Workouts

The best part about summer is that all of our daily routines can now be done in the glow of the sun (but not without our trusty SPF 50 face sunscreen, of course). We’re talking patio happy hours, rooftop lunch breaks, and finally escaping the gym. The golden rule of summer is that you have to say goodbye to treadmills and ellipticals, but in case that leaves you a little bit lost, we’ve gathered some outdoor workout ideas so you can break a sweat while soaking up every second of summer. And of course, we had to grab a few athleisure styles to go along with each option!


Shop the striped bikini from Boys + Arrows


There’s a reason why swimming is one of the best exercises that you can do for your body — the constant movement gets your heart rate up and the resistance of the water helps build your muscles, all while keeping your body and your joints safe. Swimming laps at the gym is already a step up from a boring cardio routine, but if you have access to a lake, ocean, or even outdoor pool, you won’t even feel like you’re working out. Check out our new Boys + Arrows swimwear to keep showing off your style while you’re at it. 

Bike Rides

Shop biker shorts from Spiritual Gangster


Now that bike sharing is a thing, going on bike rides just became so much easier. It’s such a great form of cardio, burns fat quickly, and gets your legs in tip-top shape. Now that you don’t have to go out and drop hundreds of dollars on a bike that you have to frequently maintain and store every winter, this is about as easy as can be. It’s also a great way to explore your city in a new way! If you're worried about spending the rest of the day sweaty after a bike ride, just make sure you pack your YUNI Shower Sheets so you can freshen up the second your ride is over. 

Shop the waterless shower sheets from YUNI

Outdoor Sports Leagues

In case you haven’t noticed, we are all about workouts that don’t feel like you’re working out. And at the top of that list is joining an outdoor sports league. Our favorite is beach volleyball — the resistance from the sand is great for your legs, and you’ll keep your heart rate up the whole time. Grab your favorite gals for a night of playing around instead of grabbing happy hour (or grab happy hour afterward), or join a league to meet new friends in your city!

shop the red sports bra from Spiritual Gangster

Yoga in the Yard

When it comes to meditation and grounding yourself, doing it outside takes your zen to an entirely different level. Find a yoga studio near you that offers outdoor yoga, or keep an eye out for special summer events — a lot of parks will offer yoga classes. You can also work out on your own time, and run through your favorite yoga poses in the backyard.

Shop the high-waist leggings from Spiritual Gangster


Shop the flowy grateful tank top from Spiritual Gangster

Park Strength Training

We’ve covered cardio, but don’t think that you still have to confine yourself to the gym in order to keep working on building strength. Find a park and all of a sudden you'll have the tools and the space that you need for outdoor strength training.

      1. Reverse lunges on a park bench

      2. Push-ups and tricep dips on a bench

      3. Monkey bar pull-ups

      4. Crunches

      5. Burpees

      6. Planks

Shop the flowy striped sweatpants from Spiritual Gangster

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Heart-Worthy Valentine's Day Looks

Heart-Worthy Valentine's Day Looks

Whether you’re more of the “it’s-a-fake-holiday-created-by-greeting-card-companies” kind of person or you’re thrilled to fill your day with chocolate in every form, Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly. You might as well make the most of the day by doing it in your own style (and also gifting the lovies in your life with some extra treats). We’ve pulled together our favorite love-inspired looks that will be perfect for a Galentine’s night in with wine and movies, date night out, or anything else heart day brings your way.

Go Big or Go Home

Sequins aren’t just for ringing in the new year, especially when the sequins in question come in a stunning hot pink that’s ready to wow your Valentine. We love Pasadena Clogs from Free People for a more casual look that gives your dress the space to shine brightly.

Floral print pink strapless jumpsuit is an easy outfit for a Valentine’s Day night out

Not only will the Daphne Pintuck Jumpsuit bring the sweetest romance for the holiday, but it’ll also become a quick favorite that you’ll love wearing all spring and summer. With that fitted waistline and flowy legs, you’ll get a showstopping silhouette ready for this Thursday-night celebration. Of course, while it’s still chilly out, you can’t leave the house without an extra layer. And once you see try on the Not Your Mom’s Faux-Fur Jacket, you’ll never want to leave the house in anything else.

There’s so much more to love about a matching top-and-bottom set, especially when that set features comfortable flowy pants and a striking crop top with flared sleeves. Make sure you save the big reveal of this stunner for your Valentine’s dinner, but once it’s been introduced into the world, you’ll have the best time mixing and matching these pieces with all of your other wardrobe favorites. Might we suggest the crop top with your favorite vintage jeans? Okay, yeah, we’re definitely suggesting that.

Keep it Chill

Casual striped tee with heart patch is the perfect relaxed V-Day look

While we’re big proponents of taking any and all excuses to celebrate, we love a special night in, especially when it’s with our favorite ladies and our favorite cabernet (hey, it’s red so it fits the theme, right?). For a subtle nod to the reason for the sugar, we can’t get over how cute the Heart Fiona Long-Sleeve Tee from Spiritual Gangster is. In the name of versatility, this will also become a favorite that you can pair with leggings for a trip to the yoga studio or with some high-waisted shorts like The Cody Octopussy Shorts from Boyish once summer weather makes its way back.

Bright red crossbody bucket bag with fringe detailing makes a great Valentine’s Day accessory

Whenever you have an excuse to treat yourself, we vote you take it! The Scarlett Bucket Bag from Cleobella will keep you with the color scheme of the day (so no one can call you out on your all-black outfit), and will also become a new favorite with the bold spring color and vintage-inspired fringe detailing.

We’re all about the subtle-yet-not-so-subtle flair that these Hand-Beaded Chandelier Earrings from Allia will bring to your love-filled celebrations. And we’re even more about the fact that they mean you can stick with your preferred outfit of jeans and a comfy tee while still fulfilling your themed-outfit duties. Plus, why wouldn’t you want to add hearts to your outfit every single day? Once you try these on, you’ll probably start.

Valentine’s Treats 

The point of the holiday is all about love, right? So why not bring a little extra love with the Love Potion from Little Shop of Oils. This gemstone-infused essential oil blend has been cleansed under the full moon and crafted to boost your love life, whether you want some extra sparks with your honey or you give it to your favorite gals looking for love. And on top of all of that, it also smells delicious.

In case wearing your new favorite Love Potion wasn’t conjuring up enough in your romantic life, add the Love Spell Ritual Candle and you’ll find yourself with more suitors than you even know what to do with. Okay, maybe not, but it’ll make your cozy home even cozier, and any good vibes are always welcome.

And nothing could complete your look better than dewy, radiant skin. Check out some of the latest serums and lotions from Full Unicorn and get ready for the glow. 


Best friend with benefits Valentine’s Day card from 417 Press

Even if you try to stay away from buying into the whole Valentine’s gifts thing, you won’t be able to pass up showing your love in the cleverest of ways with a Valentine’s Day card. Our personal favorites? Well, the Pizza card from 417 Press really sums up our love for all things carbs, but the Best Friend with Benefits card is simply too cheeky to pass up.

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Taking Things Beyond Sustainability

Taking Things Beyond Sustainability

In the world of fashion, “sustainable” is a term that’s tossed around about as loosely as “trendy” or “unique,” and we’re usually left wondering what it really means. That’s not to say that sustainability is a concept to be taken lightly since the earth needs our protection more than ever. To make your ethical and environmentally conscious shopping even easier, we decided it was time to toss out sustainability as a basic label and explain to you exactly how our favorite brands are doing their part to help the planet and the people who live here.

Moon Water Co.

Handmade leather wristlet bag from Moon Water Co made in Guatemala

Moon Water Co. is a line that was created by an aunt and niece team who wanted to turn their passion into a global mission. They work with artisans around the world to bring gorgeous handmade designs to you. By working directly with those who are creating the products, they are able to ensure both safe working conditions and fair pay. By adding these eye-catching bags and accessories to your wardrobe, you can feel good knowing that each purchase directly impacts the lives of those who created them.

Handmade leather carryall bag from Moon Water Co made in Guatemala

Quincy Mae

Soft baby turban made with organic cotton from Quincy Mae

Every mama knows that when it comes to your little ones, you won’t compromise on quality, which is why we are thrilled to carry the sweetest baby clothing from Quincy Mae. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple accessory like the long-sleeve baby dress and ribbed leggings, each item is made from certified organic cotton. This means that not only will it be safe for baby’s sensitive skin, it’ll also keep them as cuddly as can be.

Soft long-sleeve baby dress made with organic cotton from Quincy Mae

Little Shop of Oils

Aura Cleanse Soap is an all-natural crystal-infused soap from Little Shop of Oils

We will be the first to admit that we take self-care very seriously around here, but also if you aren’t treating yourself to the very best, what’s the point? And when it comes to your skin and mental health, it's vital to go as pure as you can. Little Shop of Oils makes this easy by giving us organic body products that are made in small batches in California, so you can self-care Sunday easily knowing that you are keeping the earth (and your skin) protected. If you want to create an entire routine to keep your life in balance, start things off with the Aura Cleanse Soap, add three or four drops of the organic cold-pressed Prickly Pear Anti-Aging Serumto your face, and then keep your calm all day with the Anxiety Sucks essential oil blend (our personal favorite).

Anxiety Sucks gemstone-infused essential oil blend for anxiety from Little Shop of Oils

Boyish Jeans

Shop the Toby high-rise boyfriend jeans with distressed detailing from Boyish

When your go-to outfit is always centered around your favorite jeans, why not make them eco-friendly jeans (that also have the perfect fit every time — we aren’t joking). In case you never looked into it too much, the average pair of jeans takes 1,800 gallons of water to make, and that’s not even taking into account the harsh chemicals that are used (and then dumped back into the environment at the end of the process). That’s where Boyish comes in to save the world. Besides using ⅓ the amount of water (that they then recycle), they don’t use any harsh chemicals, they use recycled cotton and other deadstock/vintage fabrics, and to top it all off, they give one-percent of their annual profits to organizations they believe in. Now that we’ve covered the basics of what makes Boyish stand apart, we can’t ignore the fact that they're also focused on the highest quality and the best fit, whether you want a pair you can wear every single day, like The Zachary high-waisted skinny jeans, or you’re looking for some statement denim, like The Toby high-waisted distressed boyfriend jeans.

Shop the Zachary high-rise skinny jeans with raw hem from Boyish 

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Keep it Trending in the New Year

Keep it Trending in the New Year

2019 is all about going bright and bold and bringing that confidence into every other aspect of our lives. We’re already seeing things shift from those groovy ‘70s vibes that took over last year, but don’t worry, vintage isn’t going anywhere. To make your style transition smoother, we’ve pulled together our favorite trends for 2019 and some ways that you can style everything to bring in your own personalized touch. All that’s left to do is rock them!

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable high-waisted skinny jeans from Boyish denim

Anyone who knows fashion knows that it’s an industry full of pollution, but luckily, we’re seeing things move toward sustainability and away from fast fashion. In fact, this is one of the biggest trends that we’ll see take over this year. Some people might hear this and think that means they have to spend a small fortune to try to do good, but we’re here to show you how it’s done: vintage, vintage, vintage. We all know that the ‘90s takeover is very real (just look to any store or fashion blogger for evidence of that), but keep things authentic by finding your new favorite pieces from your local thrift shops, consignment stores, or online vintage shops like Moth Oddities (one of our favorites). Once you find some vintage treasures, mix them with pieces from companies that do good — our favorite go-to outfit for a girls’ night out is to tie the front of a vintage concert tee and pair it with the Zachary Skinny Jeans from Boyish. Then, of course, we can’t leave the house without a vintage oversized Levi’s jean jacket.

Menswear with a Twist

High-waisted trouser pants for menswear-inspired look

Fashion trends often mirror other social trends, and with powerful ladies taking over the world faster than ever before, we’re seeing a lot more options for chic menswear. And we know what you’re thinking — menswear isn’t anything new — but 2019 is doing things differently. All of our favorite menswear-inspired pieces have something that makes them stand out, like the flattering and feminine high-waisted cut of the Posey Pants from Cleobella and the sweet waterfall front on the Proxy Blazer from Wish. For a fun way to offset the masculine energy of these pieces, try pairing your version of the menswear trend with some more feminine styles, like a floral top with trouser pants.

Pants as a Statement

Striped high-waisted wide-leg pants

It’s all about being bold and not backing down, and with the power of statement pants on your side, you can do anything (just try them on and you’ll see what we’re talking about). The best part about this trend is that there’s something for every style — you can go more classic with bell-bottom pants and distressed denim or our more colorful babes can rock the Pandora Pants from Lost + Wander. We’re also keeping our drawers stocked with biker shorts, which are the perfect choice to pair with a tank top for a casual vibe or under a mini dress for easy comfort-meets-retro style.

Eye-Catching Earrings

Lightweight resin statement earrings from Moon Water Co.

Within the last couple of months, large, bold earrings have taken over from the more classic styles we’ve been rocking lately. With everything from long statement hoop earrings, like these Ettika earrings, to colorful resin earrings from Moon Water Co., this trend is your solution for keeping your style fresh even when you don’t feel like changing out of your jeans and a relaxed tee for a night out.

Bodysuits with Everything

Flowy printed bodysuit from Free People

Say goodbye to shirts riding up and clunky tucking — 2019 is the year of comfort! And at the very top of our list of genius inventions that don’t get enough credit, you will find the bodysuit. That’s right, we’re replacing all of our tops with bodysuits (well, not really, but we would if we could). They are the most versatile trend we’ve seen yet: you can pick one that has a dressier style and a relaxed fit, like the Willow Bodysuit from Free People and then slip on the Georgia Denim Skirt from DL1961 for brunch out with the family or edge things up with the Jane Striped Bodysuit from Harlow Jade and some boyfriend jeans or cutoff shorts from Boyish.   

Brighten Things Up

Colorful striped mini dress with belt and ruffles

Even if you aren’t keeping up with Pantone’s color of the year each year, you’ll have no choice but to see it everywhere — we’re talking home decor, fashion, and even film. This year we are in love with Living Coral as the perfect way to brighten things up and bring some easy cheer to our lives, and we’ll be seeing a lot of other bright colors gracing the runways and our closets. This Cropped Varsity Sweater is an easy jumping off point for that vibrant style and we can't leave the Island Fever Mini Dress off of the list of pieces we need. You can also expect more quirky patterns popping up, with polka dots and bold florals helping us make the transition from the ‘70s-inspired styles that marked 2018 fashion to a year of the ‘80s, which some may fear but we welcome with open arms.

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Why We're Over the Moon for the Moon Water Collection

Why We're Over the Moon for the Moon Water Collection

From decorative geometric patterns to vivid, rich hues, these enchanting pieces are sure to stun. Made with natural materials and techniques from the Moroccan, Oaxacan, Guatemalen cultures, each piece has a unique story to tell. This line of bags and home decor will make you look twice. Here's why we're over the moon for the Moon Water Collection!

Our traditional textiles & modern functionality inspired us to create Moonwater Co. While rushed mass production is often the general rule, we strive to be an exception by creating one-of-a-kind artisan goods.

Shop the Terra Cotta Moon Phases decoration and Morrocan Floor Pouf!

As an aunt (Amanda) and niece (Hailey) team, we have a common love and passion for fashion and home decor. Amanda, the spunky music lover, and Hailey, the fun-loving photographer, combine their unique personal styles to design products that are a mix of modern bohemian with an homage to timeless classics.


Shop the Moroccan Wool Kilim Pillow here!


Whether it’s hand-tooled leather from India, cactus silk from Morocco, or cloth stamped with aged river mud from Africa, we ethically source our handmade textiles with you in mind.


Many of our designs contain the unique and timeless creations of master artisans. One example is the Guatemalan “huipil“ dress, which is hand-loomed by incorporating multiple region-specific patterns and techniques passed down through the generations.

We celebrate this special piece of Mayan-born tradition by reusing huipils and stitching them into several of our bags and accessories. By incorporating vintage designs into some of our collections, we are preserving these beautiful pieces of art & supporting their creation.


We hope you love the Moon Water Collection as much as we loved designing it. Each piece proudly tells the stories of our global artisan family & we are over the moon to be sharing it with you…


Welcome to our tribe,
Amanda & Hailey!


Shop the Moon Water Collection here!


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Monthly Muse: The Fashionably Broke Teacher

Monthly Muse: The Fashionably Broke Teacher

Thefashionablybroketeacher bohemian clothing

The Fashionably Broke Teacher, Lindsey Jednak, slaying Bohemian Mama's Feeling Love Pant and matching Crop Top!


BoMa’s Monthly Muse is our way of celebrating strong women who inspire others to do great. Each month, we’ll be featuring women we think embody ambition, power, strength, and inner beauty. A BoMa Muse is driven, dedicated, and goes about her day with confidence. She’s expressive and stands for what she loves, whether it be in fashion or personal beliefs. Going further than fashion, she refuses to follow the crowd as she proudly creates her own style. We’d like to bring well-deserved acknowledgment to women who shine from within, spreading peace and positivity wherever they go. These women exude kindness and compassion while lifting others up. Optimistic, they try to find good in anything and everything and make the most of situations. The beauty of her genuine soul radiates a kind of light that brightens the day of anyone who crosses her path.


As a fourth-grade teacher from Philly, Bohemian babe Lindsey Jednak has captured our hearts for the month of September. An inspiration in both the fashion scene and the classroom, she reflects good vibes and a Boho spirit. As “The Fashionably Broke Teacher,” Lindsey has opened up to us about how she balances her passion for fashion, an established blog and social media presence, her career, and life.


When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a teacher?

I think I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, but the light bulb truly went on when I was in high school and we had our senior service day. I went back to my old elementary school and helped out in a 2nd grade classroom for the day. The kids were adorable and the energy in the classroom that day truly made me realize I had to follow the path of my sister and mom being a teacher. It's one of the most rewarding jobs I have every done and every day is an adventure!

Does your career have any influence on how you dress? 

My career as a teacher definitely has influenced my love of feminine dresses and skirts. I love how flattering they are and how fun it is to pair with different printed tops and booties. I also have a career that embraces fun and creativity, so I love bringing in trends into the classroom.

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today? 

I think social media has an important role to connect people and bring out body positivity and uniqueness. Fashion is all about expressing yourself no matter what profession you are in and I love that I can find my favorite styles to wear and see girls that I adore in the clothes, not just from magazines. It is also so amazing to see how different trends can be translated based on a person's personal style.

As the season is coming to a close, back-to-school time is quickly approaching. Any style tips on transitioning from summer to fall fashion?

I love layering! Strappy maxi dresses go perfect with a rock tee underneath or turtleneck. Booties and a summer floral dress is also perfection in the fall. I also adore wearing kimonos as a transitional piece over everything. The more the colorful print, the better!

Balancing work with personal life can get overwhelming. Do you have any advice for other working women out there? 

If you love something enough, you will find the time. Teaching and blogging can take up a lot of my time but I truly love them both so what I have found is if I stay organized and plan out your time I can do it!  I have also learned that is important to make time to wind down and disconnect. Communication is key in relationships and taking the time to just enjoy your time with who you are with is what will matter most in the end. Deadlines will get done, but that conversation and laugher with a good friend and not worrying about what is going on with your phone is the best feeling. 

Besides manifesting the opportunity to inspire, how else does teaching compare to fashion? In what ways do you inspire? 

I think I show my students that you can accomplish anything if you are yourself and work hard. I think in both industries it is so important to stay positive and be proud of what makes you unique.  I like to think I inspire my students daily to be their best and be a kind person in all that they do. In fashion, I love inspiring others to find their own personal style!


“Some women fear the fire.

Some women simply become it.”

― R.H. Sin

Images via

Keep up with Lindsey here!

IG: @thefashionablybroketeacher




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Home Décor Tips for the Modern Bohemian

Home Décor Tips for the Modern Bohemian

The modern Bohemian decorating style embraces tranquility while maintaining a contemporary feel. It involves vibrant and colorful patterns and textiles, emphasizing the unconventional. The relaxed, eclectic aesthetic is influenced by a variety of styles and tailored to the unique preference of the decorator. If you’re looking to achieve a style that you can call your own, read on for some home décor tips.

Warm hues, Earth tones, and metallics are common elements of most modern Boho spaces. Combine muted colors with deeper, saturated ones to create unconventional harmony within the room. Mixing and experimenting with color keeps things interesting within the space.

Similarly, different textures and materials should be combined to achieve eccentric richness. Natural furniture materials like rattan, burlap, reclaimed wood, and teak complement wrought iron, aluminum, steel, and other metals. Variation of material is sure to provide an unfamiliarly pleasant experience for your visitors.

Give bland planes some dimension by adding texture to the walls. Transform any area into a lavishly modern Boho room by adding things like wallpapers or framed textiles. You can even hang up rugs, blankets, or woven art.

Check out this handwoven piece made from cotton rope, wool roving, and acrylic yarns by The River Haze! Get it here.

Consider this stunning addition pictured below (right)! This handmade macrame wall art by The River Haze features a blend of wool and acrylic fibers to show appreciation for all things organic. Get yours here.








A characteristic of the Bohemian style, whether modern or vintage, is the incorporation of collectors’ items, handmade pieces, and/or little knick knacks from your travels. You can expect a modern Boho room to feature unusual accessories and décor. Handmade masks, beads, artwork, and sculptures are all exceptional additions to achieve the Boho vibe. Each item should tell a story and carry its own significance to you – that’s what makes your space yours.

Use plants to liven up a closed space. Adding air plants, hanging plants, ferns, succulents, or other indoor plants is a decorative way to improve air quality. If you don’t have a green thumb, look for plants that are easy to care for. Many indoor plants are low maintenance, requiring only occasional watering and a sunny spot to thrive. For those who are looking for no-maintenance greenery, consider this modern Boho cactus décor by Fiona Walker England pictured below (right). You can even hang it up! Get yours here.

Don’t dull out your edge! Decorative skulls, arrows, and dark objects can really set the scene and are ideal for breaking up an overly-peppy corner.

Final touches that are great for clearing the energy of any space include our White Sage Smudge Spray by From Molly With Love and our quartz crystal charged candles by JaxKelly. Available in a variety of blends such as Tiger Eye to release stress and anxiety, Peach Quartz for inner peace, and Obsidian Crystal to block negativity, you’re sure to find the right candle to fit your mood.

Accomplishing a modern Bohemian layout is all about expressing oneself. There are no rules when it comes to style, so experimentation and change is welcome when decorating your own space. It’s your chance to create a novel little area to reflect your personality so have fun with it!

Images via The Glitter Guide

Bohemian Mama

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Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

by Elsa Nguyen fash·ion ˈfaSHən/ noun noun: fashion; plural noun: fashions 1. 
a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.

Microsoft Word - Fall 2016 Fashion Trends.docx

Fall season is here and designers are bringing a deep-rooted vibe to this period's fashion pieces! Statement furs and gorgeous velvets are rocking in the runways, but these aren’t the only favorite picks of current designers… Stylists are hitting up the “Go big or go home.” Here is a list of other fashionable style garments admired this season:

1. Modern Renaissance

Velvets, bell sleeves, corsets, and peasant dresses are back with a pinch of modern vibe. Velvet is the fabric of the season! Amazingly soft material and will add chicness to any combination of clothing. It is a must for this cold weather and is coming in the richest hues. The peasant dress is another golden modern look from the renaissance era. the-bohemian-mama-fall-fashion-modern-renaissance

2. Metallic

Metallic outerwear gives a POP this season, especially with bold dark colors like royal blue, burgundy, and purple. Metallic gives a European punk rock style.the-bohemian-mama-fall-fashion-mettalic-2

3. Extra Long Sleeves

the-bohemian-mama-fall-fashion-extra-long-sleevesDesigners want to bring back the exaggerated long sleeves covering the fingertips. This type of look is amazing as trench coats. In most business environments, it is expected to wear a great fitting outfit, but why not defy stagnant fashion trends this season? Stylists are creating ill-fitting pieces to conventional fashion.

 4. Floral

the-bohemian-mama-fall-fashion-floralsAll floral shapes and sizes is an outstanding pattern choice for fall: a. Free spirited - Ditzy, daisy, and liberty prints gears more towards the younger demographic but gives the carefree vibe. b. Vintage inspired – This type of authentic floral is great for any girly type look. c. Realistic and large scale – This types of floral is a gorgeous print on dresses or bomber jackets. d. Sweet – For the cutesy look, floral that is bold, water colored, or pastel looks pretty on all types of dresses. e. Tropical – for the end of summer, tropical floral prints is still great to wear even if summer has ended. f. Retro – Asian inspired floral is looks great on a bohemian looking maxi dress.

5. Chokers

The 90’s choker is back with a vengeance! Chokers are coming with exquisite varieties: a. Pendant b. Metallic c. Faux Leather d. Faux Suede e. Velvet Bow f. Long tasseled necklaces g. Embellished velvet chokers

6. 80’s power one-shoulder – Off the shoulder everything!

the-bohemian-mama-fall-fashion-80s-power-offshoulder Whether on tops, dresses, or exposing both shoulders, adds a pint of sexiness.

7. Corduroy

Corduroy looks great for that retro style this season. This type of style on a pinafore dress is a must in your closet for fall! Corduroy jackets, skirts, and pants in variety of colors are emerging.

8. Fur

Fur is lovely every year during this season, however, fashion designers are finding new ways to wear fur. The cross body style of statement furs stood out this season as an asymmetrical draping styling trick. Caplets look awesome with fur material! Both faux and real fur is standing out with a statement! the-bohemian-mama-fall-fashion-fur

9. Gloves

For the cold weather but with added embellishments and over the top gloves.

10. Metal detailsthe-bohemian-mama-fall-fashion-details

Details, details, details! Metal details add edginess to any fashion piece. Fashion will always emerge in new innovative ways of bringing about great style. Each season comes a fresh fashion mania; stay tuned for the next one!
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