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Back to School Made Easy

Back to School Made Easy

​​Well Mamas, it’s that time again! Back to school is upon us! We know this year the task of preparing your littles may feel a bit more overwhelming than usual, so we’ve taken the time to curate a complete collection packed full of all the essentials you need for Back to School

Starting with Fluff! Folders, textbooks and lunches oh my! With so many different things coming and going with your little back and forth from school you need a solution for storage! Fluff has darling backpacks, lunch and snack bags for all ages making it one of our go-to choices! 


With so much to choose from, we just can’t pick! Shop the entire collection here.

Speaking of lunch, why not snag a Bink water bottle for yourself, you’ll be running around from school drop-offs, soccer practice and I’m sure so much more! Keep yourself hydrated! 


Alright, so you’ve got everything you need to get them to and from school…but what about homework! Between OYOY and Tender Leaf Toys, what seems to be a big task of making the perfect study space is made easy! 

One of our favorites from OYOY is the Rainbow Mini Chair! Of course, every little scholar needs a desk, Tender Leaf Toys has a perfect one

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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

It's no secret that time is passing quicker and quicker every day. So it's okay if you looked at the calendar today and realized. . .Mother's Day is next weekend. Did you forget to go shopping for all of those special women in your life? It happens. This is why we've curated specific gift guides!
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Byeee 2020! This New Year is Looking Bright.

Byeee 2020! This New Year is Looking Bright.

It is no secret that this year has truly pushed us all outside of our comfort zone. So many things happened this year that made us reconsider our priorities and really stop and think about what truly matters to us. We also all had so much growing and adjusting to do- from learning how to teach our kids from home, to figuring out how to work or run a business during a global pandemic. It was a tough year for us all, but you know what? We made it out alright and we’re so grateful to be alive and healthy and counting down the minutes until 2021!
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Mother's Day Muse: Sophia El'Rae

Mother's Day Muse: Sophia El'Rae

 Sophia El'Rae talks motherhood and style for Mother's Day

Spring is finally in the air, and although our world is anything but typical right now, that doesn’t mean we can’t find moments of celebration in the midst of the chaos. And with Mother’s Day around the corner, we have more of a reason to celebrate than ever. To start the celebrations early, we took a moment to chat (virtually, of course) with our favorite Bohemian Mama, Sophia El’Rae. Sophia encompasses everything we stand for here at BoMa: honesty, authenticity, empowerment, and, of course, the best style. Even though she’s just days away from having her baby boy, she was kind enough to talk us through what she has going on right now. 

How have you been preparing for the birth of your son, especially given the current state of the world? 

This is such a good question. It’s been so bizarre being pregnant through this pandemic but I have found so much strength and peace through guided meditations. Every night before I fall asleep, I listen to a 15- to 20-minute “Pregnancy Hypnosis” meditation. It’s calmed down my anxiety and really helped me connect with my baby and my body’s capabilities.

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What do you love most about being a mama?

I love nurturing and guiding my children, but most of all I love making space for them to be exactly who they are. Cultivating a safe space for them is so important but also so special to me. 

What are some of the top lessons you've learned since having little ones?

  • Your own self-care as a mother is so essential to your mental health.
  • Therapy is for everyone. It’s helpful, supportive, and important. 
  • If people are asking to help or support, let them.
  • “Your children are from you, but they are not of you,” I once read in a book. It’s so important to give them complete permission to be free to be themselves and have their own opinions. 

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How is your sweet family celebrating Mother's Day? 

Awe, well we hope our baby boy will arrive soon, and we can all be cuddled up together admiring his sweet face. 

What are your must-have pieces from Bohemian Mama right now? 

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A good staple hat, cotton dress that’s loose-fitting, a staple gold necklace, and sweet timeless play dresses for my girls

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How do you describe your style? 

I’d say a little boho and European style. A good pair of jeans and a white tee and leather sandals are probably my staple look! 


How to shop for Mother's Day gifts

Celebrate all of the wonderful mamas in your life (especially yourself), by treating them to the sweetest styles from our Mother’s Day Gift Collection. We wanted to make things as easy for you gifters as we could, so we had to make sure we have something for every kind of mama, whether you’re shopping for the world traveler, the mom who loves to be a bit extra, the mom who always finds time to fit a workout in, or the first-time mom.

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Monthly Muse: Kelsey DiPrima

Monthly Muse: Kelsey DiPrima

When it comes to mixing styles and establishing your own personal brand, Kelsey DiPrima (@kelsey_diprima) reigns supreme. She’s one of our favorite fashion and lifestyle bloggers, and we were thrilled when we found out that she’s also loving us! Between sharing her fabulous self with us on her blog and adventuring around Southern California with her pup, Piper, we caught up with her to hear more about what trends we can’t miss out on this summer, what her time at FIDM was like, and (we couldn’t help ourselves) what her top Bohemian Mama picks are. 


Your personal style is amazing, have you considered becoming a stylist to others? 

First of all, THANK YOU! BUT I do style others on the side! I worked at Nordstrom for seven years so it’s very easy for me to help others dress for their body type! I love helping people clear their closet and ease new trends into their wardrobe without scaring them! I’m also known for how honest I am, which is very honest when it comes to styling. You can’t be afraid to tell people what works for them, but more importantly, what doesn’t!

Shop Kelsey DiPrima's look from Bohemian Mama

What trends are you loving right now? 

Ahh, I am loving linen chic — a European summer has been on my mind… giant (straw) hats, straw bags, and loose neutral linens. Dreamy!

We see you attended FIDM, how do you translate your study of fashion into what you do now? 

FIDM taught me SO many things! It taught me how to spot trends and know which are going to last and which won’t. Not only that, it lets me spot WHAT part of the trend will last and how big trends will transform into the following season. My major was merchandise product development, so it taught me the design side (which is where trend spotting comes in) along with the business side. I think a huge part of knowing how to run a business and market yourself has led to my early success in blogging! Along with the fact that this is what I was meant to be doing — I can feel that in my bones. 

What or who are your major influences?

Europe and Australian fashion influence me A LOT. Some of my favorite online influencers consistently have been @sheamarie (she is fashion goals) and @laurajadestone — both of their style + beauty + aesthetic are constantly on my “oh yes” radar!


What are some of your top picks from

Bohemian Inspired Home Decor Muslin Pillows Terra Cotta Wall Hangings

Oh, that’s easy — can I put the entire website here? If I had to narrow it down, I’d say these 6 pieces: 




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