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Alexa Vega Interview

Interview with Bohemian Mama, Alexa PenaVega

Whether you grew up watching Carmen and Junie save the world in the Spy Kids movies or Ruby & The Rockits was more your cup of tea, there’s no doubt that Alexa PenaVega (née Vega) has made herself a favorite on our TVs and in our hearts. And it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise — her mom is model Gina Rue and her dad is world-renowned fashion photographer Baruch Vega, so she grew up with star quality in her blood (although not the same love of fashion when she was little). It’s always fun to look back on what she’s done, but we wanted to learn more about her island life with husband Carlos PenaVega (from Big Time Rush) and sweet baby boy (and soon-to-be big brother) Ocean. We caught up with Alexa recently to chat about what she’s been up to lately, how she’s loving being a mama to (almost) two babies, and, of course, how she looks so fabulous doing it all. 

What was it like growing up with parents who come from different cultures?

Really fun! Our family is very colorful and has so many wild characters! I was born in Miami but moved to a horse ranch in Ocala almost right after. Half of my family doesn’t speak any English (Colombian side)! And the other half are from the south with the drawn-out accent to match! The combo is hilarious! Two totally different cultures made family time really fun. So much love and SO much craziness. But it’s all I’ve ever known. I appreciate it more as an adult because not everyone gets that experience.

Alexa Vega wearing Bohemian Mama

What is a cause you are passionate about and why

I think everyday giving. There are so many causes that I love — different charities, different companies that give back. But I think it comes down to your daily life, not just something you give money to once in a while. How are you sharing your blessings daily? Is there someone in need of not just your money or your things ... but maybe in need of your time? A lot of times people use the excuse that they don’t have anything to give but we ALL have something we can share with someone. Even if it’s as simple as a listening ear or a ride to work! Challenge yourself to give back daily in some way or another.

Alexa Vega wearing Bohemian Mama

How do you balance your career with being a mom to (almost) two?

Ooooh, that word! BALANCE! So key, but also hard. Balance is something we will always have to fight for everywhere in our lives. But honestly, when it comes to work and being a mama, we have found a lot of harmony. We only work with people we really enjoy who value family as much as we do ... and we almost never have to be apart. Ocean comes with us everywhere. I think the biggest thing you have to set are healthy boundaries. For everyone! The people you work with ... but also with your family. Naturally, as a mama, you are going to put yourself last and cater to everything your husband/kids want, but that can cause a lot of resentment later. Be upfront about your goals and what you want to be doing and don’t be afraid to take that time to pursue what God is putting on your heart! There’s a reason you have a passion for something. Go for it!

Alexa Vega wearing Bohemian Mama fashion

How did your parents’ involvement with the fashion industry influence you?

Honestly? Zero! I have always been such a tomboy in my day-to-day life — a jeans/white t-shirt/flannel kinda girl. Ever since I was little, I am almost always outdoors playing in the dirt! But as I got older, I had a lot of fun exploring the different sides to my personality and I now LOVE dressing up!

 Alexa Vega wearing Bohemian Mama

What do your fashion choices say about you as a person?

I think my choices say I’m eclectic. Maybe because I am used to playing so many different characters, but when it comes to dressing up or “fashion,” there isn’t a “style” that says me. I’m a chameleon. I love playing and trying new things! My favorite is going into a fitting and trying on the outfit I would personally choose last because I know it’s the outfit that will make me step out of my comfort zone and it almost always becomes my absolute favorite! This is why I need a stylist. My natural instinct needs some work!


What’s your go-to outfit?

Now that we live on an island, we live in swimsuits and shorts all day. But when we were in Los Angeles, my go-to was black skinny jeans with a slim-heel boot and a James Pearce white shirt. It’s cool/still classy, and I was still comfortable everywhere I went. You can always throw on a leather jacket or a cool chunky necklace to add some extra flair!


What is on your wishlist for Ocean and baby boy #2? We loved your gender reveal video!

Thank you! That trip was so fun! Ocean is finally understanding that there is a baby in mama’s belly and it makes my heart swoon! I love dressing Ocean up. This kid is just so stinking cool. So I’m excited to get the brothers together in cute little outfits. I don’t think we’ll do the exact matching thing with their clothes ... but I want what they wear to complement the other.