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If You Got It, Haunt It!

If You Got It, Haunt It!

Everyone’s favorite October holiday is just around the corner! The excitement is in the air as kids and adults start to plan out who or what they will be for Halloween this year. It can be both a joyous and laid-back time but, let’s be honest, it can be a little crazy too as planning costumes isn’t for the faint of heart. 

Some of you may even be planning a gathering at your home or a party to celebrate Halloween. What can be greatly appreciated, and maybe we all can agree on here, is that Halloween is all about the FUN. Which makes planning your holiday a little less stressful than the other holiday’s that follow. There’s a lot less pressure with Halloween which is what most families can appreciate. 

So if you got the spirit of Halloween in you, haunt it friends! We want to celebrate this year’s Halloween with you. We have some fun ideas to share that will level up your costume game, bring Halloween into your home in style, and help you put on the best Halloween party of the year. What do you say, are you ready to party with us?! 

Let’s start with costumes, shall we? After all, they are the star of the evening! 

Meri Meri has the most adorable costumes for little ones and what we love best of all, these costumes can be used all year round. When Halloween is over, hang them up in your child’s playroom or play area for dress up and imaginary play. They can enjoy them all year and beyond. And if you have a wee little one this Halloween, Briar Baby has the most adorable bonnets that will make planning your baby’s costume with ease. 

Our assortment of baskets not only make for great playtime all year round, but they can really up the costume game! Plan your child’s outfit with one of our basket accessories to bring along the night of Halloween. They can collect all kinds of candy in these adorable baskets and  will make their costume stand out even more! So fun, right?! 

Have a kiddo that gets a little anxious, worried or scared around this holiday? We totally get that and want you to know that it is completely normal. There’s nothing wrong with your little one. Help support them during this time with our Slumberkin Collection. These Halloween inspired friends were made with little ones in mind just for this reason. 

To the mamas that don’t want to dress up or have the energy to get in costume, we got you! Our Halloween tee collection should do the trick. Not only does it make things easy and get you in the festive spirit, but they are super cute too! 

Once the costumes are decided and underway, it’s time to glam up the house with some spooktacular holiday zest. Our new home collection adds the perfect pop of Halloween. We love how stylish and easy it is to incorporate our holiday Halloween collection into the home space. Welcome your guests with our Halloween door mats and bedazzle your home with these gorgeous pumpkins that require no carving or paint needed, bonus! Shiraleah also has the best festive pillow collection that not only adds the perfect touch of holiday fun, but they’re soft and cozy too.

What’s Halloween without the treats? Afterall, it’s how the ever so famous “trick or treat” came to be! We’re loving these fun and creative snack and drink ideas and are confident your guests will love them too! Some fun recipes here and here and more ideas below! 

And for all our DIY fans, we have some really fun, simple, easy ideas for you! Whether it’s to decorate your home or just a fun craft with your little ones, these are so cute we had to share. Simple instructions here for these fun craft ideas!

Share your ideas with us, by tagging us on social media. We would love to share with our community so we all can have a wonderful time celebrating this fun holiday together!