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How to Practice Self-Love this Valentine’s Day

How to Practice Self-Love this Valentine’s Day

Self-love – what is it? It’s beyond an overpopularized concept revolving around vanity and sipping wine. It’s caring for one’s own well-being and happiness. As women, we are taught early on to care for our littles and loved ones. But when was the last time you stopped to appreciate yourself and acknowledge how great you are?

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, consider the following ideas to show yourself some well-deserved loving!


Create a positive mantra

Sometimes the simplest phrases can be the most impactful. Find empowerment in repeating promising affirmations such as “I am stronger than my struggle,” “I’m in control and I’m choosing happiness,” or “I accept myself.” Once you’ve customized your mantra to what works best for you, get in the good habit of starting your day with a burst of positivity. You will soon find yourself better prepared to tackle everyday obstacles.

Surround yourself with all things pretty

Our environments hold the potential to sway our moods one way or the other. Creating your own space filled with things that bring you joy can welcome in good vibes. Add some potted plants to your living space or, if you can’t commit to maintaining the real thing, consider these cute felt succulents.

Perhaps by adding this tiger head handmade from 100% eco-friendly wool felt you’ll be reminded of how fierce you are! This adorably decorative piece is sure to add brightness to any room with its white and yellow hues.

Spoil yourself

Allowing yourself to indulge every once in a while is necessary, especially when working towards a big goal. Keeping your eyes on the prize doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy little rewards on your way up! In fact, it will incentivize you to work harder. So, treat yourself to a cute pair of shoes, like the Adel Off White Sandal by Ash. You can purchase them here.

Single Outing

There’s absolutely no shame in getting dressed up for yourself and enjoying your own company. Go out on a date – table for one! Put on something that makes you feel like the queen that you are. We recommend this flattering blush pink dress by Cleobella fit for the occasion. Complete your look with a cream highlighter to make you glow!

Relax and reflect

Spend some quality time with yourself by taking a moment to channel your own positive vibrations. Preparing a face mask, a tub with alluring bath salts, and lighting a candle will surely invite comfort and dismiss stress. Focus on all the things you like about yourself and how those aspects make you amazing. We suggest you kick back with some goodies by From Molly With Love, such as their Wild Rose Clay Mask and Meditate Bath Salts.

Images via, Paige French