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How to Keep Them (and You) Organized Heading Back to School

How to Keep Them (and You) Organized Heading Back to School

It's that time of the year again where we find ourselves thinking, "where did the summer go?"  It seems with each passing year, summer goes by faster and blink it is time for the kids to head back to school. We find this time of summer to be the hardest because we're trying to savor the weeks of golden sun and laid back schedules, all the while planning for a busy school year ahead. It tends to feel like we're grasping and running at the same time and it can feel like a lot. But guess what, we're here to help with all of that!

We want to lessen the stress as much as possible so you can welcome the new school year with open arms and a peaceful mind.

Our back to school collection of backpacks, lunch bags, and organizers are here to not only help them get through the year but you too!

Fluf Bags are clean, sustainable, and ethically made lunch and snack bags that come without the stank! Yes, you read that right. A lunch bag that doesn't hold residue that none of us care to smell. Fluf designed a bag that is not only easy to care for and wash but it's simple and effortless making it easy for them and you to take along anywhere. Your kids will love them. Plus they are super cute too!

State is the go to bag of the school year! Not only are their backpacks super fun and adorable there's a beautiful mission behind them. You can find bags for them and YOU, making it a one stop shop for the whole family.

 State Backpacks

One thing we know that can cause some stress for parents is:

"What do I pack in my kid's lunch bag?"

Well guess what?! We're here to help you there too.

Five days of lunch ideas that can be easily prepared the night before.

 Fluf Lunchbags

Monday: Fruit, meat, and cheese kabobs. Kids love when food it prepared in a fun and playful way. So make it fun kabob style.

Tuesday: Quinoa bowls. These are easy to prepare and are loaded with protein to keep them fueled throughout the day.

Wednesday: Peanut butter banana roll ups! Add a little honey to the rollup and BOOM, your child's belly will be really happy. Pair with diced cheese, raisins and veggie sticks.

Thursday:  Yogurt parfait cups. Loaded with fruit and protein to energize the mind!

Friday: Meat roll ups, sliced veggies and fruit. We love pairs this with cheese and crackers too. It's like their very own mini charcuterie board.

Kid Lunch Ideas - Kabobs, Fruit, Sack Lunch 

Keep their papers organized with Aykasa foldable and stacking crates. School tends to welcome a lot of extra paper work in the house. Whether it is things that need to be signed and returned to school or it is work that your child has done, it can tend to feel overwhelming. The Aykasa crates are a nice option to keep things organized and in one place! They're super fun to add to an art room or to use for homeschool supplies too.

Lastly, just know that you are not alone! Every parent and caregiver is going through the same thing as you. Feeling crazed? There's another mama feeling the same way. Feeling excited and relieved sending your child back to school? Yep, there's someone else celebrating too!

Feeling sad and lonely? Big hugs! We know the feeling.

Feeling anxious and worried? Goodness we understand that. The past few years has certainly created a lot of space for those feelings to come up.

Know we're here for you and that YOU GOT THIS!

Wishing you all the best as you send your love one off to school!