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How to Fill Kids’ Easter Baskets (And More Easter Egg-Less Activities!)

How to Fill Kids’ Easter Baskets (And More Easter Egg-Less Activities!)

We’re overjoyed that Easter is fast-approaching, but we also know that the busy routines of life can get in the way of preparing for our ideal Easter weekend. The goal is to make it intentional, fun, and festive for the whole family—and for that reason, we’re starting now! 

We’re pulling out the Easter baskets to fill with beautiful, sustainable Easter gifts. We’re prepping the mantle for felt garlands, the playroom for a soft flower wall. And we’re picturing how cute our little bunnies will be in fresh, spring pjs and daisy bonnets

We honestly can’t wait for Sunday, April 9, but we’re going to enjoy every second of filling Easter baskets with colorful Easter gifts for kids and getting our family-friendly weekend activities ready for launch. 

Speaking of family Easter activities, ours will look a bit different this year: We’re having an eggless Easter. We can think of plenty of reasons to ditch the eggs—a vegan lifestyle, the current egg shortage, that funky smell they leave in the kitchen—so we’re going for it.

We came up with some Easter kids’ activities that aren’t reliant on eggs, and we’d love to share them with you! For starters, though, let’s dig in to 2023’s best Easter gift ideas for kids’ Easter baskets. 

Read on for a step-by-step guide to filling your kids’ Easter baskets with sustainable gifts, floral and gingham pjs, party accessories, and so much more. 


How to Fill Kids’ Easter Baskets in 2023


Easter Baskets


Step 1 // Choose Your Kids’ Easter Baskets


This should come as no surprise—the most important aspect of your kids’ Easter basket is the basket, itself. Easter baskets transform a regular gift bundle into a delightful and sustainable gift experience. Consider which play activity your child enjoys the most: a pretend picnic, a trip to the farmer’s market, a hike through the forest, or a stroll with their baby doll. Our piki baskets  are ideal for a Parisian picnic, while these retro baskets (with matching styles for bohemian mamas) aesthetically house all of their farmer’s market finds. Similarly, the mini chari stays in place while kids traipse through the enchanted forest and the strolley in natural or rose is the dreamiest Easter basket for your mini mama.


Step 1 Choose Your Kids' Easter Baskets

Piki Baskets  // Retro Baskets // Mini Chari /Strolley in Natural or Rose


Step 2 // Pick Their Pajamas


Are your kids growing as fast as ours? It’s as if they take a developmental leap around the same time U.S. clocks spring forward. Don’t you wish you could slow down time? Since that’s not an option, we suggest making the most of every moment with Easter themed pjs for babies, toddlers, kids—and yourself. You’ll find adorable bunny options in blue and pink, as well as gingham prints for your dapper fellows and posh little ones—and for the flower-obsessed, this spring floral print is an absolute must. Your kids will love snatching these Easter pajamas from their Easter baskets, and you’ll love seeing them in bedtime threads that actually fit!


Step 2: Pick Their Pajamas

 Bunny PJs // Gingham PJs // Floral PJs // Mommy PJs


Step 3 // Play to Their Creative Side


Engage kids' creativity by continuing to fill your kids’ Easter baskets with craft supplies and pretend play toys. We’re enamored with this DIY wand and flower crown craft kit from Meri Meri, which pairs wonderfully with an Easter activity like bunny embroidery! Watch them become busy bees while decorating with Easter stickers, or let them loose on the back patio with these new handmade sidewalk chalks in bunny, macaron, or alphabet shapes. 


Step 3: Engage Their Creative Spirits


Step 4 // Add a Bunny Stuffie or Baby Doll


This might be (read: definitely is) our favorite category of Easter gifts for toddlers and kids: Stuffies and Baby Dolls. We are dying over these new bunnies from Cuddle + Kind, and each purchase provides meals to a North American family in need. This therapist-designed narwhal will help your child with problem-solving skills (in an aesthetically Easter pastel hue), and this cozy dinkum lion pip is perfect for your wild ones. Need a soft and soothing plush for little hands, this new bunny from Maileg will bring a calming presence to your youngest Easter babies. 


Step 4: Add Bunny Stuffie or Babydoll

 New Bunnies from Cuddle + Kind // Therapist-Designed Narwhal Kin // Cozy Dinkum Lion Pip // New Bunnies from Maileg


Step 4 // Fill in the Nooks & Crannies


Follow your heart for this final step of filling your kids’ Easter baskets. In our opinions, an Easter appropriate pair of bunny ears is essential, and these organic cotton shirts (with matching headbands and dresses for dollies) will keep them neutral and on-trend at their next playdate. Kids are sure to go wild for the surprise carrots (with a fluffy chick, temporary tattoos, and a joke inside), and we imagine they won’t be hopping far without this very chic, plush bunny bag. The options are endless for filling in the gaps in your Easter baskets, and we hope you’ll find everything you desire in our Easter collection for kids, babies, toddlers, and mamas. 

 Step 5: Fill in the Nooks & Crannies

 Bunny Ears // Organic Cotton Shirts // Surprise Carrots // Daisy Bonnet


Easter Activities That Don’t Require Eggs


As promised, we want to share several egg-less Easter activities for your family in case you’re taking this holiday off-script, too! Here’s a non-exhaustive list, but feel free to get creative on your own and sculpt an Easter extravaganza that fits the unique passions of your kids and babies!


Easter Activities That Don't Require Eggs


1. Go on a nature hunt for smooth stones and then decorate them with paint, glitter, or these decorative Easter egg tattoos.

2. Plan a trip to the park with friends! If possible, go a bit early to set up these bunnies, creating a maze through the park. The kids will work on their observation skills and have a blast searching for the gingham clues!

3. Have a crafting party! Sit down for some sewing with the bunny embroidery kit and then get to work on a DIY flower crown! You can use fresh flowers from your yard or enjoy this flower crown craft kit from our Easter collection. 

4. Put on a puppet show! Make your own from craft supplies at home or pick up this organic cotton bunny puppet to play out all kinds of silly scenarios. 

5. Use natural dyes on bandanas—not eggs—to enjoy the transformation to fun colors with sustainable practices! You can find instructions for experimenting with turmeric, black beans, onion skins, and avocado pits from various online crafters.

6. Bake a vegan cake together—or use wooden eggs for your pretend cake with this Bunny Hop Mixer Set. 

7. Go on a family bike ride—with brand new bikes for extra fun! 

8. Make a fruit plate in the shape of an Easter egg! Encourage kids to get creative with colors and patterns while filling in an oval shape. 

9. Play some outdoor games! Fun for kids of all ages, croquet, bocce, and corn hole are a few of our faves (They can also be played indoors!).

10. Go on an Easter Egg Hunt for treasure eggs! Choose from gold-coated, egg-shaped sidewalk chalk or plush bunnies in sparkly paper eggs.

Ready to try out some of these Easter egg-less activities? We’d love to hear how they go! Tag us on social @shopbohemianmama to share how you and your kids are embracing Easter 2023!