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Home Décor Tips for the Modern Bohemian

Home Décor Tips for the Modern Bohemian

The modern Bohemian decorating style embraces tranquility while maintaining a contemporary feel. It involves vibrant and colorful patterns and textiles, emphasizing the unconventional. The relaxed, eclectic aesthetic is influenced by a variety of styles and tailored to the unique preference of the decorator. If you’re looking to achieve a style that you can call your own, read on for some home décor tips.

Warm hues, Earth tones, and metallics are common elements of most modern Boho spaces. Combine muted colors with deeper, saturated ones to create unconventional harmony within the room. Mixing and experimenting with color keeps things interesting within the space.

Similarly, different textures and materials should be combined to achieve eccentric richness. Natural furniture materials like rattan, burlap, reclaimed wood, and teak complement wrought iron, aluminum, steel, and other metals. Variation of material is sure to provide an unfamiliarly pleasant experience for your visitors.

Give bland planes some dimension by adding texture to the walls. Transform any area into a lavishly modern Boho room by adding things like wallpapers or framed textiles. You can even hang up rugs, blankets, or woven art.

Check out this handwoven piece made from cotton rope, wool roving, and acrylic yarns by The River Haze! Get it here.

Consider this stunning addition pictured below (right)! This handmade macrame wall art by The River Haze features a blend of wool and acrylic fibers to show appreciation for all things organic. Get yours here.








A characteristic of the Bohemian style, whether modern or vintage, is the incorporation of collectors’ items, handmade pieces, and/or little knick knacks from your travels. You can expect a modern Boho room to feature unusual accessories and décor. Handmade masks, beads, artwork, and sculptures are all exceptional additions to achieve the Boho vibe. Each item should tell a story and carry its own significance to you – that’s what makes your space yours.

Use plants to liven up a closed space. Adding air plants, hanging plants, ferns, succulents, or other indoor plants is a decorative way to improve air quality. If you don’t have a green thumb, look for plants that are easy to care for. Many indoor plants are low maintenance, requiring only occasional watering and a sunny spot to thrive. For those who are looking for no-maintenance greenery, consider this modern Boho cactus décor by Fiona Walker England pictured below (right). You can even hang it up! Get yours here.

Don’t dull out your edge! Decorative skulls, arrows, and dark objects can really set the scene and are ideal for breaking up an overly-peppy corner.

Final touches that are great for clearing the energy of any space include our White Sage Smudge Spray by From Molly With Love and our quartz crystal charged candles by JaxKelly. Available in a variety of blends such as Tiger Eye to release stress and anxiety, Peach Quartz for inner peace, and Obsidian Crystal to block negativity, you’re sure to find the right candle to fit your mood.

Accomplishing a modern Bohemian layout is all about expressing oneself. There are no rules when it comes to style, so experimentation and change is welcome when decorating your own space. It’s your chance to create a novel little area to reflect your personality so have fun with it!

Images via The Glitter Guide

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