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Free, Fun Kids Games For Spring

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Springtime officially begins this Saturday March 19th and with longer days and warmer weather on the way, it’s a great time to get outdoors with the kids. We’ve pulled together a list of our favourite free, fun kids games for Spring.

Hunt ‘treasure’ in the woods

Add an extra element of fun to a walk in the woods by giving the kids a list of ‘treasures’ to find. Think, simple, natural treasures like a pinecone, a bit of tree bark, a flower, some acorns and anything else you can think of! Bring along a basket or bag for each kids treasures and encourage a bit of competition by offering a prize for the first to find everything on the list. Top Tip: Protect precious little heads from the sun in a must have Grom Squad Mini Trucker Hat.

Build a garden assault course

Looking for an activity to entertain (and exhaust) energetic younger kids? Get together a bunch of activity equipment like hula hoops, balls and skittles, make use of any climbing frames, wading pools or natural obstacles and throw in some of dads clothes for the kids to pull on and ta dah! A super adventure in your own back yard. Include a final sprint for good measure and then cheer the kids round!

Have den-building day

Kids LOVE dens, so if the sun is out get into the garden with a clothes horse, a few chairs, some bed sheets and a fistful of clothespins to hold it all together. If the weather rains on your building plans, simply use the couch and a few heavy books to create a super-cool HQ indoors instead. Top Tip: Comfy pants are a must have for indoor den building! Kit out toddlers in these oh-so-cute Red Plane Cloud Doodle Pants.

Paint some VERY big pictures

Hit the local dollar store and buy the cheapest roll of wallpaper you can find. Then on a sunny day tear off a long strip and either tack it to the garden fence or secure it on the ground with rocks so the plain white side is facing up. Once the paper is in place, dress the kids in some old clothes and let them loose with paint and brushes!

Have a creative cook off

An afternoon in the kitchen is a great way to pass a rainy afternoon. With a few bars of chocolate and some breakfast cereal (cornflakes, rice krispies or shredded wheat are best) you can make yummy chocolate cakes or even tray bakes for all the family. Melt your chocolate in a glass bowl over a saucepan of boiling water (but not touching), remove the melted chocolate from the heat and let the kids stir in their cereal before spooning the mixture into little cases. Add an extra element of fun by providing bowls of small candy, marshmallows, edible glitter, raisins or even pieces of chopped dried fruit for the kids to use as decoration. Once the cakes are complete place them in the fridge for an hour to set and let the kids loose on the bowl and spoon! Check out the latest Spring looks for your little ones over at the Bohemian Mama shop.          

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