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Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

by Elsa Nguyen fash·ion ˈfaSHən/ noun noun: fashion; plural noun: fashions 1. 
a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.

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Fall season is here and designers are bringing a deep-rooted vibe to this period's fashion pieces! Statement furs and gorgeous velvets are rocking in the runways, but these aren’t the only favorite picks of current designers… Stylists are hitting up the “Go big or go home.” Here is a list of other fashionable style garments admired this season:

1. Modern Renaissance

Velvets, bell sleeves, corsets, and peasant dresses are back with a pinch of modern vibe. Velvet is the fabric of the season! Amazingly soft material and will add chicness to any combination of clothing. It is a must for this cold weather and is coming in the richest hues. The peasant dress is another golden modern look from the renaissance era. the-bohemian-mama-fall-fashion-modern-renaissance

2. Metallic

Metallic outerwear gives a POP this season, especially with bold dark colors like royal blue, burgundy, and purple. Metallic gives a European punk rock style.the-bohemian-mama-fall-fashion-mettalic-2

3. Extra Long Sleeves

the-bohemian-mama-fall-fashion-extra-long-sleevesDesigners want to bring back the exaggerated long sleeves covering the fingertips. This type of look is amazing as trench coats. In most business environments, it is expected to wear a great fitting outfit, but why not defy stagnant fashion trends this season? Stylists are creating ill-fitting pieces to conventional fashion.

 4. Floral

the-bohemian-mama-fall-fashion-floralsAll floral shapes and sizes is an outstanding pattern choice for fall: a. Free spirited - Ditzy, daisy, and liberty prints gears more towards the younger demographic but gives the carefree vibe. b. Vintage inspired – This type of authentic floral is great for any girly type look. c. Realistic and large scale – This types of floral is a gorgeous print on dresses or bomber jackets. d. Sweet – For the cutesy look, floral that is bold, water colored, or pastel looks pretty on all types of dresses. e. Tropical – for the end of summer, tropical floral prints is still great to wear even if summer has ended. f. Retro – Asian inspired floral is looks great on a bohemian looking maxi dress.

5. Chokers

The 90’s choker is back with a vengeance! Chokers are coming with exquisite varieties: a. Pendant b. Metallic c. Faux Leather d. Faux Suede e. Velvet Bow f. Long tasseled necklaces g. Embellished velvet chokers

6. 80’s power one-shoulder – Off the shoulder everything!

the-bohemian-mama-fall-fashion-80s-power-offshoulder Whether on tops, dresses, or exposing both shoulders, adds a pint of sexiness.

7. Corduroy

Corduroy looks great for that retro style this season. This type of style on a pinafore dress is a must in your closet for fall! Corduroy jackets, skirts, and pants in variety of colors are emerging.

8. Fur

Fur is lovely every year during this season, however, fashion designers are finding new ways to wear fur. The cross body style of statement furs stood out this season as an asymmetrical draping styling trick. Caplets look awesome with fur material! Both faux and real fur is standing out with a statement! the-bohemian-mama-fall-fashion-fur

9. Gloves

For the cold weather but with added embellishments and over the top gloves.

10. Metal detailsthe-bohemian-mama-fall-fashion-details

Details, details, details! Metal details add edginess to any fashion piece. Fashion will always emerge in new innovative ways of bringing about great style. Each season comes a fresh fashion mania; stay tuned for the next one!