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BoMa Goes Full Unicorn!

BoMa Goes Full Unicorn!

Hello, you assertive beauties!

Are you ready to go Full Unicorn? Your radiance is ready to be revealed, so let’s have a little fun with your skin care ritual.

You may ask why Full Unicorn is so magical. Well, how about this: you get super concentrated, super effective potions thoughtfully made with only all-natural formulations. All of this while staying vegan and cruelty-free. That’s what we call assertive skin care!

You can expect to get the type of performance you would see with some ridiculously expensive products. We’re talking about medi-spa level performance, but with none of the negative side effects, down time, or all of the toxins and chemicals that are commonly used.

In addition to the megawatt functionality, we make getting your glow on as easy as 1-2-3.  You only need 3 products because every one of them has at least dual functionality. We eliminate steps, without sacrificing any of the function. Magical, right?

Clear as Mud AHA + Activated Charcoal Cleanser provides the detoxifying clarity with the added boost of AHA’s that fight those fine lines and wrinkles.


Gemstone Resurfacing Treatment makes every day exfoliants look like child’s play. Hexagonal crystals, botanical enzymes, and a dose of hyaluronic acid smooth out skin, promote cellular turnover, increase collagen production, and leave your face hydrated. It can be washed off or left on for a full glitter masking experience. Yep, there is glitter. Told you we like to have fun!


Liquid Gold Phyto Finishing Oil is the super charged moisturizing serum packed with only regenerative antioxidants like rosehip, sea buckthorn, jojoba, turmeric, and argan oil that give you a magical glow.

It would take a whole lot of time, not to mention all the cash money you would spend on using the 8 products it would take to match the efficacy of just using our 3 wunderkinds. I mean, unicorns deserve the best! We celebrate every #FUmoment. What’s yours?

Glitterally yours,
Nancy, founder of Full Unicorn

Images via Full Unicorn Beauty