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7 Online Workout Classes for Your At-Home Quarantine

7 Online Workout Classes for Your At-Home Quarantine

Now that we’ve passed the two-week mark of social distancing, with more and more states issuing official shelter-in-place mandates, it’s more vital than ever to do our part and stay inside. But that doesn’t mean that we’re destined to just keep melting into our couches day after day. We’ve already shared a few different ways to keep moving while you’re quarantined at home, but lucky for us, some of our favorite studios are streaming workout classes online, so not only can you get your heart rate up, but you’ll also get to see new faces, which is surprisingly refreshing during these times of isolation. We’ve done all of the research to find the best spots to stream workout classes at home. We also included some local studios that we’ve tried and loved, but make sure you also check the websites and Instagrams of your favorite local studios to see what they are offering and how you can help them out. 


Everyone’s favorite national yoga chain is giving us the chance to keep our zen even when it feels impossible. CorePower online classes are normally $19.99/month, but they’ve opened up a collection of free on-demand yoga classes with classes changing weekly, so you can keep up your practice. 


It’s been one of the most talked-about fitness trends this year, and now you can get a taste for what everyone’s been swooning over. And you don’t even need one of the fancy machines for these classes. The Peloton App is now giving new users a 90-day free trial with a collection of classes that you can access from your phone, computer, tablet or TV. With everything from yoga and meditation to cycling and strength, you can figure out the at-home fitness schedule that works best for you. 

Your Local Studios 

We know that small businesses are being hit especially hard, with many of them trying to stay afloat in this new reality for their employees and their fans. Red Yoga is a small yoga studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan that we’ve loved for a while, so they were one of the first places we looked once we realized that at-home workouts were going to be a lifesaver. And lucky for us, they’re offering live online classes. V-Fit Studio in Ventura, California is another one of our favorite studios, especially for their family yoga classes that even the little ones can get in on! They have on-demand classes, and while we love the flexibility, we prefer their livestreamed classes for the sense of normalcy (and accountability) that they bring. 


When we got the email that ClassPass was going fully digital, we were incredibly relieved. It’s already one of our all-time favorites, but now they’re doing their part by offering a free membership with access to over 2,000 on-demand workout classes. You can also sign up for livestreamed classes from your favorite studios, with 100% of what you pay for each class going directly to the studio until June 1. If you already have a paid membership for ClassPass, they are also pausing all charges, so you can take that money and put it directly into your favorite local studios. 

The Bar Method

If you’ve never tried a barre class, you might be wondering how such small movements can be that hard. And if you’ve taken one, you know that you were wrong to ever ask that question. The Bar Method is a full-body workout that incorporates weights, a barre, a ball, and a yoga mat to tone and sculpt, but you can also use firm pillows, a chair, gallons of milk, and a towel if you’re not fully stocked on exercise equipment. Plus, no experience is necessary, so you can jump right in. Their free trial only lasts for 14 days, so if you end up loving it, you’ll have to get a membership to continue. 


If like us, you’re constantly talking about how you’ve been meaning to try your first Orangetheory class, then we have good news for you. The Orangetheory At Home program gives you a new workout every single day and also gives you access to all of the previous workouts, so you can mix things up as you please. None of their workouts require special equipment—all you’ll need are some household objects here and there. And even better, all of these classes are free.  

First Ascent Anywhere 

For all of our fellow climbers and boulderers, these times add an extra layer of routine disruption, because climbing is where we find our own sense of calm. This is another spot where you can look to see what your local climbing gym is offering—and continue to pay your membership and support them if you are able to—but we wanted to share what our gym is doing. First Ascent in Chicago is offering their First Ascent Anywhere classes on Facebook Live. With different climbing-themed classes, such as Yoga for Climbers and Core for Climbers, you can make sure that you’re keeping your body and mind feeling as great as you can. 

And now that you have your workout-class-of-choice picked out, you're probably hitting the same wall that we've been hitting: finding motivation. In normal life, once you get to the gym it's easy enough to focus, but when you're at home, it's a lot easier to end up on the couch. We've realized that the answer lies in the right outfit. And we don't mean just changing from daytime PJs to nighttime PJs, but instead, you have to put on your dedicated activewear. One of our favorite looks is the sweetest Beach Riot pink leggings with the matching workout top, but whatever outfit makes you feel like you can take on the world (or at least 20 minutes of yoga) will be perfect.  

As Lauren Luyendyk said on Instagram, "Quarantine, but make it fashion. 🖖🏽"

Keep checking in for more tips and ideas on how we're trying to stay positive and let us know what you and your families are doing to have fun while at home! 

xo Your Bohemian Mama family